2019 BHA AGM - Venue
2019 BHA AGM - Venue

The 2019 BHA AGM (7:30pm, 14 January 2019) is now to be held at Kedron State High School in the building that the Brisbane Indoor Hockey League (BIHL) currently uses as its playing venue. The meeting will be in one of the classrooms within the indoor sports building. Advice of the meeting has previously be circulated to all Clubs and Life Members.

The Map

Looking at the above map look for the bright blue rectangle and the orange coloured text. The blue rectangle represents the approximate positioning of the Indoor Sports building. (The pink roads are the underground tunnels system)

Enter from Park Road where indicated and follow the road to the rear of the building to park. The boom gates should be permanently raised to allow you through. Do not try to enter the Emergency Services Complex on the left hand side.

To view the full map in a browser follow this link - Map by OpenStreetMap - online maps that don't track you and don't bombard you with emails and SMS!!
Posted on 08 Jan 2019 by Kim Rendell
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