Hockey Zone Announcement

Hockey Zone Announcement - 31 July 2018

Brisbane Hockey Association and Brisbane Women's Hockey Association confirmed in late July 2018 that Hockey Zone would not be continued in 2019.

Our Associations began our relationship with Paul Mills in 2009 when we first televised our fixtures via Briz31/QCTV.  This association continued when Paul brought us a proposal to televise games and segments for the expanded Hockey Zone format.  Over the years Paul has filmed and streamed BHA and BWHA games and finals, HQ state championship games / finals and AHL and U21s for Hockey Australia (I have probably forgotten something else that was covered, but I hope Paul will forgive me).

We are thankful to Paul and the team that he cajoled into turning up each week, that got Hockey Zone on air year after year.  Some of the people who gave freely of their time include Tom Whetton (if he wasn't there for week 1 then it must have been week 2), Bernadette Pangrazio (who is now recognised globally as the "Rules Guru"), Peter Smith, Michael Smith, Tony Hurley, Graham Taylor, Clare Comerford and the 2018 Rules Gurus, Kerryl Chandler and Tara Leonard (we know we haven't covered everyone so please forgive us if your name isn't there).

We are also thankful to the sponsors, who over the years have helped to reduce the cost of the show (that ultimately is paid for by our Brisbane members) - without you we wouldn't have been able to keep the show on air (in some form) for some 10 years!

Yes, it was been 10 years now that we have been doing our bit to raise the profile of the sport that we all love, hockey, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the world (the latter was brought home to us by a recent message from a hockey player in Argentina who told us that if she wants to brush up on a skill she always goes to Hockey Zone first)!!.  So for a little program / idea born in Brisbane we have had a very far reach.  But we also wanted to increase hockey's exposure and attract new players in Brisbane and unfortunately, the majority of the people who watched Hockey Zone came from within the local, state, national and international hockey communities.  So while it was appreciated by these communities we didn't see a material increase in our Brisbane participation rates.

We were also never able to get support from Australian State or National hockey bodies to be able to either continue Hockey Zone or to hand the concept over to one of those bodies to take it to the next level.  So the decision was taken by BHA and BWHA to not renew our agreement with Paul for the 2019 season.  The decision to discontinue Hockey Zone is in no way a reflection of the quality of the product that has been produced for us by Paul, but instead was a decision based on financial and business criteria.  It has also been a tough decision as we have always been aware that Paul was one of the reasons that the show kept going; as without his drive, energy and enthusiasm Hockey Zone would not have made it to 10 years, and all from a man who had no involvement with hockey prior to 2009.

So we would like to take this very public opportunity to thank Paul (and his family) for his dedication over so many years and also to wish him well in his future pursuits.

RIP Hockey Zone

Sonya Fisher
Hockey Zone Liaison
This notice was circulated to all Clubs - 1 August 2018.
Posted on 01 Aug 2018 by Kim Rendell
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