I want to Play Hockey - What do I do?

  1. Choose a Club using information and links on this page!
    (Or select "Find a Club to Register With" on the 'More' menu below)
  2. Contact one or more Clubs to help you choose and to find out all the details you need.
  3. Register with your chosen Club* according to their instructions. #
  4. Register with the Association* (HQ) using the links to SportsTG on  this page!
    (or use the 'More' menu below)
  5. Play Hockey!
* Note that both steps 3 & 4 are compulsory, and both will require the payment of fees and/or charges.
# If you are transfering from a Club you are already registered with then contact your newly chosen Club before registering. 

Registration & Fees in Detail

The following is a detailed explanation of the way in which players register and pay fees. Read this only if you wish to know the finer details.

All players, Seniors, Juniors and Masters are required to register with a Club of their choice. The registering process will vary from Club to Club and may be online or use a paper based form. Then in addition all players, Seniors, Juniors and Masters, will be required to register online with Hockey Queensland via SportsTG.

Both of the above registration processes will require the payment of fees. When registering with a Club, it will vary from Club to Club - some will be online, some will accept cash, some may allow instalments, and so on. Some Clubs may even offer discounts based on various criteria. The Club fees will include various fees collected on behalf of BHA. In the case of registering with HQ via SportsTG this will be done online.

The BHA Schedule of Fees and the Hockey Queensland Fee Structure are displayed elsewhere within the BHA Website - under Fee Schedules.

To further explain, the fees that are collected by Clubs from their registered players include a number of fees and charges, some of which are passed on to BHA. While some core fees and charges will be the same across all Clubs, there may be additional fees that individual Clubs may charge their players. This again can lead to variations in players fees from Club to Club. In summary, the core fees collected by Clubs would include: Club Membership fees; BHA Registration fees; Match fees; Training fees, etc. In the case of Match fees, these in turn consist of the cost of field hire, payments to Umpires and Technical Bench personnel (where applicable) and the cost of First Aid.

The BHA Registration fee collected by the Clubs on a per player basis is passed on to BHA in instalments. Clubs collect Match fees from the players and pass these on to BHA. Training fees are paid by the Club to the respective venue/s. 

It is hoped that this detailed outline will assist many, including players and officials, to understand the processes and payments involved with registering for the 2017 Season.