Brisbane Hockey Association Inc

Uniform Shop

Welcome to the BHA Uniform Shop. Representative Players, Team Officials, Parents and Supporters are encouraged to use this online shop to order items of the BHA uniform associated with BHA Representative programs. For the present this online shop is use to take orders only. Online payments cannot be accepted for the present. See below for payment options. For those who may be unfamiliar with online shops will find the following useful.


The shop has three (3) aisles:

Select an aisle from the Uniform Shop menu.

Stock Level - Key:

Out of stock - orders will not be accepted Low on stock Plenty in stock Can order - stock level not tracked

How to Order

Once you are in an aisle you will see one or more items that you can purchase by adding the item to your shopping cart. You can get a larger view and more details by tapping on an item. When you are ready to add an item to your shopping cart:

  1. select a size if applicable;
  2. select a quantity; and
  3. tap "Add to cart".

To change aisles simply select the new aisle from the main Uniform Shop menu or page or from the links at the bottom of each page.

Then when you are ready to finalise your order:

  1. tap on "View cart" in the top left of the aisle page;
  2. the Shopping Cart page allows you to:
    • view your items;
    • remove an item by tapping the red cross next to the "Quantity" box;
    • change the quantity, then tap "Update cart";
    • tap "Continue shopping" to return to an aisle; or
    • tap "Submit order" to enter your details, agree to the T&C, review and confirm your order.

Be sure to select your items carefully.

How to Pay

Currently we do not accept online payments. This facility will be added in the future. In the mean time, once you have completed your online order you have the following options for payment. You can:

  • direct deposit through your financial institution - see the BHA Inc Bank Details provided elsewhere on this page; or
  • pay by credit card either:
    • in person at the time of collection; or
    • over the phone by calling the BHA Office; or
    • by completing a BHA Credit Card payment slip, and then scanning/emailing it to BHA.

Order Filling & Collection

Orders are filled by volunteers, usually out of hours. The customer will be notified when their order has been filled and is ready for collection.