B - Optional Uniform & Supporter Items

The items for sale on this page are not compulsory for Brisbane Representative players. They may be purchased by players, player's parents, supporters, officials, etc. The types of items for sale will vary from time to time. 

Please choose carefully. You can get a larger view and more details by tapping on an item. When you are ready to add an item to your shopping cart, select a size if applicable and a quantity, before tapping "Add to cart". Tap "View cart" to see your puchases.

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Travel Sports Bag
Roomy bag to carry gear and/or clothing.
Price: AUD 45.00
Stock: Available (not tracked)

BHA Back Pack
Great for your incidentals at the game!
Price: AUD 35.00
Stock: Available (not tracked)

Spray Jacket
A lined spray proof jacket - optional.
Price: AUD 30.00
Stock: in Stock
Spray Jacket:

Supporter Shirt
Wear one of these to show your support!
Price: AUD 40.00
Stock: in Stock
Supporter Shirt:

BHA Hoodie - Navy Blue
Keep warm in the cold Winter months.
Price: AUD 45.00
Stock: in Stock

Supporter Umbrella
Large quality umbrella with BHA logos.
Price: AUD 25.00
Stock: in Stock

Supporter Cap
One size fits all.
Price: AUD 20.00
Stock: Available (not tracked)

Player's Soft Top Cap
Soft Top Cap
One size fits all !
Price: AUD 15.00
Stock: Available (not tracked)



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