Under 18 Representative Program Information 

Townsville: 5 - 8 May, 2023

Nominations Open

Tuesday 17 January, 2023. Tap this link to nominate.

Nominations Close

Friday 17 February, 2023

Age Eligibility

01.01.05 - 31.12.08

(As per HQ State Championships Age Requirements 11/4/22)


Sunday 26 February, 2023: 4.00 - 6.00pm @ SHC1
Sunday 5 March, 2023: 10.00am - 12.00pm @ SHC1
Sunday 12 March, 2023: 8:00am to 10:00am @ SHC2

Teams are expected to be announced by Wednesday 15 March, 2023.
Players will be listed on this page.

Sunday 19 March, 2023: 11.00 - 12.00pm @ SHC1 and SHC2 (1/2 turf)
Sunday 26 March, 2023: 10.00 - 11.30am @ SHC1 and SHC2 (1/2 turf)
Sunday 2 April, 2023: 5pm to 6:30pm @ SHC1 and SHC2 (1/2 turf) 
Sunday 16 April, 2023: 10.00 - 11.30am @ SHC1 and SHC2 (1/2 turf)
Sunday 23 April, 2023: 11.00 - 12.00pm @ SHC1
Monday 1 May, 2023 4:30 - 6:00pm @ EHTT- Team 2 from 4pm

State Championships - Townsville
(3 teams)

Friday 5 - Monday 8 May, 2023
Teams will travel Thursday 4 May, 2023
During a Championship look here for info and results.
All players nominating for selection trials must be available to participate at State Championships and attend the scheduled Brisbane training sessions.
  • Selection Trials/Nomination Fee: $45 per player - payable when nominating using the link above. Covers turf hire, coaches, admin, etc. Players are to be financial with their Club to be eligible to nominate.
  • State Championships Cost: $995 per player.  (In calculating cost per player, BHA has contributed 30%) Please have this paid in full buy time of travel.
  • Cost includes: team accommodation, flights to/from Townsville, bus during the tournament, breakfasts, packed lunches, dinners, training, playing shirts, team photo. Snacks are extra (approximately $15-$20 per Player/day) and will be organised by team managers.
  • Uniform Orders - see the side panel (or below).

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Brisbane Under 18 Teams for State Championships

Townsville: 5 - 8 May, 2023

The following teams were ratified by the BHA Board of Management on


Brisbane 1 - 14 players   Brisbane 2 - 14 players   Brisbane 3 - 15 players (2GKs)
  Dominic Anderson    (Valley)     Jude Armstrong    (Bulimba)     Jack Rendall    (Easts)
  Jesse Bender    (Redcliffe)     Dylan Heath    (Easts)     Fletcher Cabot    (Commercial)
  Riley Wondergem    (Easts)     Bradley Young    (Norths)     Max Curnow    (Bulimba)
  Oliver Bryans    (Easts)     Matthew Nixon    (Easts)     Liam Gannon    (Bulimba)
  Quinlan Carey    (Norths)     James Heffernan    (Valley)     Patrick Holmes    (Bulimba)
  George Evans    (Valley)     Isaac Pratt (Norths)     Lucas Mendes    (Norths)
  Nicholas Keir    (Norths)     Lennox Hassum    (Easts)     Cooper Nicholls    (Valley)
  Cody Hale    (Easts)     Oliver Shinkel    (Norths)     Ronan Maddocks (Norths)
  Joel Hubbard    (Easts)     Lachlan Zuideveld    (Bulimba)     Cameron Strickland    (Valley)
  Max Mackley    (Norths)     Jonty Gannon    (Bulimba)     Preston Stuart    (Valley)
  Cooper Punch    (UQ)     William McCormick    (UQ)     Jet Dominko    (Commercial)
  Jordan Donald    (Valley)     Adam Richter    (Easts)     Beau Riley    (Bulimba)
  Noah Craig    (Easts)     Tim Robertson    (Commercial)     Tyler Kerr    (Valley)
  GK - Jerome Saleh    (Easts)     GK - Hayden Scholes    (Norths)     GK - Max Lawrence
              GK - Tayt Nicholls
  Mngr: Renee Schafer     Mngr:  John Heath     Mngr:  Craig Cabot
Coach:  : John Robertson   Coach:  Alex Hough   Coach:  Joshua Blakey

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