Age & YOB App v2

You are welcome to try this 'App' as a means of determining ages and birth years for players, both under age and over age.

The 'App' can be viewed and used here in a Webpage - it may be a little slow to load in this demo format. On a PC you will need to scroll this information off the screen to see the App's buttons further down past the 'Usage' instructions. The moving goalposts that are Web Browsers means that currently if you are using Firefox you may need to try turning off Enhanced Tracking Protection for 'Open As App' - tap the small shield in the address bar to do this. However this may not now work either as Firefox tries to protect you from just about everything on the Web that it thinks is risky! For now, use Google's Chrome or Chromium browsers, or others that use the Google browser engine. See further down this page if you wish to install it as an App on your phone. The 'App' works better when it is installed on a phone.

Alternatively the 'App' can also be installed on your phone - perhaps the easiest way is to scan the following QR code with your phone. This will offer to install the 'Open As App' App upon which the 'Age & YOB App v2' App itself will run.

When you are finished with 'Ages & YOB App v2' on this page, simple close the containing tab or window to return to the BHA Website.

I hope you will find this 'App' useful.

Kim Rendell

PS: Depending on how you quit the Website version of this App you may find yourself in a 'dashboard' page containing various scratch versions of Apps - please just close this page.