Junior Ages in Sentence Form

This chart is an embedded Google spreadsheet. Rotating small screen devices 90 degrees may assist viewing.

This static version of the spreadsheet is provided here as a guide only. BHA updates the "Current Year" value each year. Visitors cannot edit the spreadsheet. Tap here to download/view a PDF version of the above sheet.

It is hoped that it will assist with general discussions and understanding of age eligibility. However, players and parents should always check age eligibility with their chosen Club before registering.

Important note: The sheets and charts within this spreadsheet are based upon the BHA Competition Rules & Requirements, "Age Eligibility" rule of 2021 (see below) which can be a moving target over time. Each of the sheets explore different ways in which the ages of players may be expressed in plain sentence form. The idea behind this is that some ways will be easier for some to understand than others. All of the sheets contained within this spreadsheet were originally developed by me in my own time as a sort of hobby, but for use within BHA. However, please feel free to download the spreadsheet from Google Sheets (Drive), modify and use it as you wish - link . When doing so please acknowledge my original work. Kim Rendell.