BHA Simple Age Calculator

Competitions that are age restricted require that a player's age as at the 1st January of current year be determined. In the case of the BHA Junior Hockey League (JHL) Competition, that age (as at 1 January) is used to place a player in the corresponding "under age team" for the Season. Here are some examples:

  • a player who is 12 years old as at 1 January of the current year would be "under 13" and therefore eligible to play in the JHL Under 13 Division;
  • a player who is 9 years old as at 1 January of the current year would be eligible to play in the JHL Under 11 Division, but not in the Under 9 Division.

The Form

The following form can be used to determine a player's age as at 1 January of the year entered in the "Season year" field, e.g. 2020.

Usage: Please enter the Season year (yyyy), a DOB (dd/mm/yyyy), then tap the "Submit" button.

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  • This is a very simple calculator that will work correctly for most scenarios. Be certain to enter a valid Season year.
  • A pop-up window will show the calculated answer. Should you not see your answer it may be necessary for you to enable pop-ups in your browser for "" domain.
  • Please use the calculated age as a guide and discuss any further queries that you may have with a Club of your choosing.

We trust you have found this calculator useful. E. & O. E.

Kim Rendell