What to Do!

Players are advised to contact a Club of their choice, including their existing Club if they are a returning player, in order to register/reregister to play.  Clubs can provide information and guidance around the processes involved with all aspects of registering to play.

Players are required to register both with a Club and with the parent Associations and for insurance.

Registering with the parent Associations - Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and for Insurance (Ins) - will require members to register via a Club's revolutioniseSPORT (revSPORT) online portal.

Outline of the revSPORT Process

Each year when a player wishes to register to play, they need to use their Club's revSPORT portal - usually through links on the Club's Website or by contacting the Club Secretary. Many of these links can also be obtained from this page . (not a BHA page)

When a player contacts a Club the Club will provide them with:

  1. a link to the Club's online registration system (Majestri, etc) or in some cases a registration form (Word, PDF, etc) - this registers the Player with the Club; and
  2. a link to the Club's revSPORT online portal - this registers the Player with Hockey Australia, Hockey Queensland and for Player Insurance (HA/HQ/Ins). It also serves to flag to the Club and to BHA that a player has registered. Links to Clubs' revSPORT portals can also be found on  this page . Once a player has followed a Club's revSPORT portal link they will need to tap "REGISTRATION" in the top menu then choose between the following:
    1.  For a Returning Player who has been previously registered in revSPORT (from 2020 in Australia), they should tap the "RETURNING MEMBER" button; or
    2.  For a New Player who has never played before, or who has played before but not since 2019 in Australia, they should tap the "NEW MEMBER" button.

All players are required to complete one or the other of the above steps.

It is important that Clubs let their members know that when they are registering in revolutioniseSPORT that they will need to select the correct payment class.

Registering With More Than One Club

However, if registering with more than one Club a player must first register with their primary Club then with their secondary Club. Once they have registered using either NEW MEMBER or RETURNING MEMBER with their primary Club, they will need to then go to the revSPORT portal of the secondary Club and tap the "RETURNING MEMBER" button. By doing so they will not be required to pay the HA/HQ/Insurance fee a second time.

Use  this link to view a pop-up with important details including the process to be followed.

revSPORT Refund Process

Players requiring a refund of registration fees paid via revSPORT to HQ/HA and for Insurance need to read and follow the instructions outlined in this email from HQ:

revSPORT Refund Process update

Upon receipt from HQ, this email was circulated to all BHA affiliated Clubs 14 May 2021.

We will endeavour to provide updated information here when it becomes available.