What to Do!

In a nutshell, players are required to register with a Club and to register with the parent Associations and for insurance. Registering with the parent Associations - Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and for Insurance (Ins) - will require members to register via the revolutioniseSPORT online platfom which replaces the Gameday Platform of 2019.

New Player

If you are new to playing Hockey or you are a Player who is new to Brisbane, the first thing you should do is find a Club of your choosing.

You can begin here on this page . <<=

Once you have chosen a Club it is important to ask your Club for guidance with registering to play. You may also find valuable instructions and links on the Club Website.

You can also scroll down this page to read a basic outline of the process. If you are registering to play with more than one Club then see the relevant link near the bottom of this page.

Returning Player

For 2020 returning players will also have to register as new players in revSPORT.

Returning Players should also contact the Club of their choice. Club Websites will usually have useful instructions and links. It is recommended that you follow any guidance given by your Club.

You can also scroll down this page to read a basic outline of the process.

Process Outline - 2020

When a player wishes to register to play in Season 2020, they should firstly contact the Club of their choice.

Once the player contacts a Club, they will look to the Club to provide them with a:

  1. link to the Club's online registration system (Majestri, etc) or in some cases a registration form (Word, PDF, etc) - this registers the Player with the Club;
  2. link to the Club's revolutioniseSPORT online portal - this registers the Player with Hockey Australia, Hockey Queensland and for Player Insurance. It also serves to flag to the Club and to BHA that a player has registered.

All players are required to do both of the above steps. If registering with more than one Club see the link further down this page.

In the revSPORT, each Club has their own unique registration link. Clubs will usually display both of the links mentioned in the above steps on their Website or Facebook page, and will likely email the links and information to their existing players or to new players upon request.

It is important that Clubs let their members know that when they are registering in revolutioniseSPORT that they will need to select the correct payment class.

Registering With More Than One Club

If so, follow this link to view a pop-up with important details including the process to be followed.

In Summary ...

When registering with revSPORT in 2020 all players, including returning players, will need to create a new account.

Players should always make sure they record their password in a safe and secure place.