Players participating in BHA Fixtures are required to pay a fee via the Gameday Platform (formerly SportsTG) and one or more fees to their Club.

1. Paid Online via Gameday Platform

In Gameday Platform (formerly SportsTG) players will register to a CLUB through the Club's registration portal. A fee is paid online via the Gameday Platform registration system. The single fee includes a component for Hockey Australia, Hockey Queensland and Player Insurance. The following table provides a breakdown of these.

Online Player Registration Fees - 2019
Paid online to HQ via SportsTG. They are inclusive of GST and fees.
Category HQ + HA + Insurance = Total
Senior (over 18yrs) $85 + $30 + $12 = $127
Sub Senior (18-20yrs) $60 + $30 + $12 = $102
Senior Casual
(up to 10 games)
$30 + $30 + $12 = $72
Junior (10-17yrs) $40 + $18 + $12 = $70
Under 10 $25 + n/a + $12 = $37

All players participating in hockey across Queensland are required to pay the online fees upfront when registering online. Payment must be made using Visa or MasterCard (Debit and Credit).

The 2019 Online Registration Portals for all Clubs are now open!

2. BHA Fees & Charges Paid by Clubs

Clubs set their per player fees taking into account BHA Registration Fees and Fixture Fees per the following table. Clubs will also include a Club membership/administration fee. The Clubs then pass on the relevant components to the Association in accordance with the following schedule.