When the President's Trophy was first introduced it was played as a separate match, usually on a Sunday, and was a match between the leading two Clubs in each Senior Division as at the conclusion of the second fixture series. As it became more difficult to program special matches on Sundays other methods of determining the winner were tried. These included using the result from the fixture match when the leading two teams met in the third series to determine the winner, as well as simply declaring the leading team at the conclusion of the second series the winner. This is the current method in use. However, using this method means that in Divisions of more than eight teams where only two series are played (BHL1-3) the Minor Premiers are also the winners of the President's Trophy. 

Year Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4 Div 5 Div 6 Div 7 Div 8 Vets/Vets 1 Vets 2 --
1978 Commercial Bulimba Commercial Bulimba Valley Commercial Pine Rivers Qld Police      
1979 Bulimba Commercial Bulimba Valley Bulimba Pine Rivers Qld Police S.W.United      
1980 Bulimba Norths Easts Easts Easts Valley City United Bulimba      
1981 Bulimba Bulimba Commercial Easts Norths Valley S.W.United Commercial      
1982 Valley St Andrews Easts Bulimba Norths Valley Commercial Commercial Commercial    
1983 Bulimba Bulimba Easts Easts Commercial Easts St Andrews Commercial Norths 1    
1984 Easts Easts Valley Easts Commercial Valley St Andrews Bulimba Bulimba    
1985 Bulimba Valley Valley Easts Commercial University Redcliffe Commercial Easts    
1986 Redcliffe Easts University Commercial City United University Valley Commercial Bulimba    
1987 S.W.United Valley Redcliffe Easts Commercial St Andrews University 1 Commercial Commercial    
1988 Redcliffe Valley Valley City United Commercial St Andrews Norths Commercial S.W.United    
1989 S.W.United Redcliffe Commercial Valley Commercial Norths Commercial Commercial Valley    
1990   Easts Valley City United Commercial Norths Commercial   Commercial    
1991 Valley Redcliffe Commercial Commercial Norths Qld Police Norths   Commercial 1    
1992 S.W.United Easts Valley Commercial University Norths Qld Police   Commercial 1    
1993 S.W.United University Easts Commercial University Logan Valley   Commercial 1    
1994 Commercial Easts Commercial Kedron Wavell Kedron Wavell Commercial Bulimba   Commercial    
1995 Easts Commercial Easts Bulimba S.W.United Griffith Uni Valley   St Andrews    
1996 Kedron Wavell Redcliffe Commercial Bulimba St Andrews Bulimba Valley   Easts    
1997 Kedron Wavell Commercial Bulimba Bulimba 1 St Andrews Bulimba Valley        
1998 Easts Kedron Wavell Valley St Andrews Bulimba Qld. Police     Valley    
1999 Kedron Wavell Commercial Commercial Norths St Andrews Valley     Easts Tigers Norths  
2000 Bulimba Easts Norths Bulimba St Andrews Valley     Valley Norths  
2001 Easts Bulimba Easts Bulimba St Andrews Valley     Valley Commercial  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 CHL 1 CHL 2 CHL 3 -- VHL 1 VHL 2 --
2002 Commercial Commercial University Commercial PRStAndrews Valley Pine Hills   Valley Commercial  
2003 Redcliffe Lgs Commercial Q.U.T. Valley Logan Bulimba University   Valley Easts  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL 1 CHL 2 -- VHL 1 VHL 2 --
2004 Commercial Commercial Valley Easts Norths Bulimba Pine Hills - Valley Norths  
2005 Easts PRStAndrews S.W. United Easts Pine Hills Commercial Easts - Easts S.W. United  
2006 Easts Commercial Commercial Easts Bulimba Commercial Pine Hills - Kedron Wavell Kedron Wavell  
2007 Commercial Commercial Commercial Easts Kedron Wavell Commercial Pine Hills - Easts Bulimba 2  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL 1 CHL 2 VHL 1 VHL 2 VHL 3 --
2008 Easts Commercial PRStA/Nths PRStA/Nths PRStA/Nths Commercial S.W. United Kedron Wavell PRStAndrews Bulimba  
2009 Redcliffe Lgs Redcliffe Lgs PRStA/Nths PRStA/Nths Kedron Wavell Commercial - Easts Kedron Wavell Bulimba  
Year BHL1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL -- VHL 1 VHL 2 VHL 3 --
2010 Commercial University University 1 Valley Qld Police Commercial - Easts S.W. United Bulimba  
2011 Commercial Commercial Easts PRStAndrews Valley Commercial 1 - Valley Redcliffe Lgs Commercial  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 BHL 6 CHL MHL 1 MHL 2 MHL 3 MHL 4
2012 Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Valley Valley Commercial 1 Easts Kedron Wavell Kedron Wavell Commercial
2013 Easts Commercial University Commercial Qld Police Valley Commercial 1 University Easts Redcliffe Lgs Commercial
2014 Easts Commercial Commercial Q.U.T. Qld Police University Commercial 1 Valley Commercial Kedron Wavell Norths
2015 Easts Labrador University PR St Andrews Valley S.W. United Commercial 1 Redcliffe Lgs Uni/Easts S'thbank Storm -
2016 Bulimba Commercial Commercial Easts Valley Easts A Commercial 2 Redcliffe Lgs University PR St Andrews Valley