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Posted by Administrator on 29 Jul 2020
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While we remain with Stage 3 restrictions in place, it is important to be reminded from time to time exactly what this means and what we need to do to all Stay Safe.

We need to continue to work together on this if
we want to keep playing and enjoying Hockey!

At all times we must:

  • practice physical distancing as much as possible;

  • wash our hands regularly with soap and water, and use alcohol-based sanitiser;

  • avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses, etc;

  • wherever possible keep at least 1.5 metres away from others, i.e. two big steps from people we don’t live with.

At Hockey matches we must:

  • organise the cleaning of the team's dugout area. At all venues (except Redcliffe) the team who are entering the Team Bench in preparation for their game, must sanitise all high touch points, including seats, rails etc, before the team may enter. Cleaning products will be provided. At Redcliffe this is the responsibility of the teams that are leaving the dugout;

  • leave the venue match area clean and rubbish free;

  • have all team personnel present in the dugout to be listed on the Match Booklet, and registered in the revSPORT Database;

  • have all others, e.g. parents, children, partners, supporters, etc, register their attendance using Eva Check-in App;

  • have team players and officials who are at the venue outside of their match times register their attendance using Eva Check-in App;

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