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Posted by Administrator on 15 Feb 2021
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100 Years - Team 100

HQ launch our first major campaign of 100 years of hockey in QLD – Team 100.

Team 100 is a People’s Choice vote for the TOP Queensland teams1 Male & 1 Female – from the last 100 years.

Hockey Queensland have provided a top 50 men and top 50 women to choose from, which have been selected from Olympians, Hall of Fame, Distinguished Players lists, and representative lists.

Please follow the VOTE HERE  link and choose your 11 team members (1 male team and/or 1 female team) from the top 50 list.

Field positions are not necessary, just select 11 names per team.

Please vote and share with your communities J


Many thanks

Danielle Sturgess
Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator

Any BHA Club that is celebrating a significant milestone is welcome to have their Club Secretary forward a flyer to BHA for posting here.   

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