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Posted by Administrator on 09 Oct 2020
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BHL1 Semi-finals

With the 2020 Brisbane Hockey League Division One Final Series underway the Courier Mail will be busy livestreaming every minute. The livestream comes complete with on screen graphics, team lists, action replays and commentary.

See all the Action this Saturday 10 October!

Follow this link to find out more!

There is a catch - you have to be a Courier Mail subscriber! However, currently the CM is running a special offer meaning that for as little as $1 per week you can subscribe and watch all of the livestreamed action, not just Hockey, but many other Sports that don't usually get recorded. You can also watch archived Hockey matches from previous weeks. And of course you get to read all of the Courier Mail news online. 

Want to give it a try? Then tap the link above or an image, subscribe, then watch your favourite Sport online!


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