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• HQ COVID-19 Announcement #3 SHC

Posted by Administrator on 19 Mar 2020
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Good Afternoon All,

Please see attached today’s announcement in relation to the State Hockey Centre. I realise many of you outside of Brisbane this does not affect however you might find the venue guidelines helpful for your venues. (Thank you to the Gold Coast Hockey Centre for much of the information too).

I have also included the Hockey Activity Guidelines again. For those of you who use the SHC please feel free to share with your members and we will also post on the website and our social media.

I will also provide an agenda tonight for tomorrow night’s President’s meeting as I have had a few Associations put some questions forward.

I also understand a number of Associations are meeting again over the next few days to reassess their risks. I want to congratulate you all for taking this so seriously and for really considering your community. Also if you reverse a decision you have made earlier in the week and are worried about looking like you are flip flopping, don’t. This is such an ever evolving situation and we can only make decisions based on the information we know at the time.  As a community we need to support each other and appreciate that there is conflicting views from government to health to the key board warrior. Every single business and organisation is making decisions on the hop. The best thing we can do is be transparent on our decision making and include our stakeholders.

I have a meeting with Hockey Australia and States this afternoon if there is any further information from there I will include it in the email when I send the agenda out.

Thanks again everyone and as always, wash your hands!



Alison Lyons
Chief Executive Officer



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