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• Hockey Qld COVID-19 FAQs

Posted by Administrator on 22 Mar 2020
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Note: This is a copy and paste of a document posted on the HQ Website. It is posted here for our members' convenience.
The original source document can be found here .

Hockey Qld COVID-19 FAQs

Hockey Qld would like to provide some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that we are receiving regarding COVID-19 and some information that members may find beneficial.

Attendance at Community Sport Activities (as per Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) coronavirus (COVID-19) statement on 17 March 2020)
Only essential participants should attend activities, i.e. players, coaches, match officials, staff and volunteers involved in operations and parents/guardians of participants;
All players, visitors should practice the following social distancing measures at Community Sporting activities:
  • Players, visitors and officials should minimise physical contact as much as is practicable, for example no shaking hands, no walking out with player mascots, no pre- or post-match celebrations and no celebrating between players during the match.
  • When spectating or attending a game or training session, ensure a distance of 1.5 metres is kept between yourself and others;
  • Access to change rooms should be restricted solely to players, officials and essential staff;
  • If spectating, try to maintain 1.5 metres between yourself and others.
  • It is recommended that sporting teams, including school sporting teams, maintain local competitions only, with no inter-district, or inter-club travel. As with all gatherings, basic protective measures should be observed, such as regular hand hygiene practices before, during and after the match, do not share drink bottles, and avoid touching your face.
It is acknowledged that contact sports have a greater risk of transmission than other sports, and as such, should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
However, other mitigation strategies for match socialisation and contact must be employed to reduce the risk to players, visitors and officials more broadly.
What impact does COVID-19 have on our insurance coverage?
Honan is the national insurance broker and has the details of our insurance cover.
The claims portal and certificates of currency can be found on their hockey-specific website:
Players, officials, and volunteers registered for the 2020 season will be covered by the National Hockey Insurance Program. The program will provide all registered participants with a minimum level of insurance protection.
It is very important to note that Personal Accident insurance provides coverage for injuries sustained whilst participating in an activity under the following circumstances:
  • An official match or training sessions
  • Traveling to and from an official club activity
  • Participation in an official club function
  • Tours or representative matches
Personal Accident insurance does not cover illness, such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Club Management and Professional Liability Insurance is provided to all incorporated hockey clubs, affiliations and associations as part of the national insurance scheme and covers for honest mistakes made by directors and officers involved in the management of the affairs for the organisation.
However, this coverage would not extend to decisions made which are illegal or in breach of a Government Order.
Will registration fees be refunded?
It is important to note that the season has been postponed NOT cancelled.
Hockey Australia and Hockey Qld have not made a decision on refunds at this point in time. The situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve and change rapidly. A decision on registration fees will be made once a full understanding of the impact of COVID-19 is available.
The patience and understanding of members in the interim, as we deal with these unprecedented events is appreciated.


Will the season be extended due to the delayed start?
This will be a decision for each individual club, Association and competition body and will depend on individual circumstances. It may be beneficial for Clubs and Associations to start investigating what options are available for your particular circumstance eg: Longer season, midweek fixtures, two games per weekend.

Can we keep running hockey?
The advice of Hockey Qld has been the result of considerable consultation with relevant expert bodies and places the health and wellbeing of our hockey community and the broader public as the number one priority.
Hockey Qld is also very conscious that our sport is a genuine family sport involving multiple generations of players, volunteers and supporters that includes a number of at-risk populations including the elderly.
Whilst each club, Association, and competition body is responsible for making its own decisions, Hockey Qld strongly recommends all hockey activities follow Government advice and guidelines regarding community participation as per below:
Hockey Qld encourages any clubs, Associations or competition bodies with questions or concerns to contact us on hqoffice(at)hockeyqld(dot)com(dot)au


How can we minimise the potential spread COVID-19 in our Club / Association?
Practising good hygiene and keeping your distance from others when you are sick is the best defence against most viruses. You should:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • If unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people).
  • Exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures
  • If you are in the high-risk category or showing signs of illness, follow medical advice and do not participate.
Those deemed most at risk of infection are:
  • People with compromised immune systems
  • Elderly people
  • People with diagnosed chronic medical conditions
  • People in group residential settings
  • Those who have recently travelled overseas
  • Those who have been in contact with someone who is known to have the COVID-19 virus
What if someone has symptoms of COVID-19?
If you become unwell and think you may have symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19, seek medical attention as per the advice of Queensland Health.
Tell your doctor about your symptoms, travel history and any recent close contact with someone who has Coronavirus and advise your coach or Club as soon as possible.
How do we stay up to date with changes?
Hockey Qld will continue to provide updates as government advice and circumstances change. These updates will be communicated on our website, social media pages and via email.
Further Information can also be sourced from expert organisations at the links on this page below.
If you have an enquiry that hasn’t been covered in the information, please contact the office on hqoffice(at)hockeyqld(dot)com(dot)au.
We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within a reasonable time-frame.
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