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Posted by Administrator on 22 Aug 2020
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Hockey Is Still On

As of this morning (22 Aug) there has been a new Directive released by Qld Health. It covers a wide range of situations and introduces some new restrictions.

However, as we (Hockey) are under the Community Sporting banner and that all of the venues we use have in place approved COVID-19 Safety Management Plans we may continue to play our sport. Of course we must all observe the usual protocols even more rigorously, perhaps the most important being that of social isolating and checking in via Eva Check-in.

The BHA COVID-19 Safety Management Plan is available from this page . It includes a list of links to the COVID-19 Safety Management Plans of our venues and links to the Eva Check-in links for each venue.

Please ensure that all players are aware of these latest developments.

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Last changed: 22 Aug 2020 at 10:59 AM

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