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• BHA President - Welcome Season 19

Posted by Administrator on 15 Mar 2019
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Dear All,

The start of the season is upon us and I wish you and your Club all the best for the year.

I want to acknowledge at the outset all of the work that the Director’s and you have put in to get us to this point. I want to make special note of the Director of Competitions who has worked tirelessly on the draws and in liaising with BWHA around the use of venues and the two Directors responsible for the allocation of Technical Officials and Umpires.

I apologise for the late change to the BHL4-6 draw but it was necessary to accommodate a Club request to play in a lower grade and thus retain a team in the competition. I want to thank University for their efforts in fielding teams in those grades this week given they originally they had byes in all three grades.

Could I just reiterate a couple of matters I raised at the meeting. Firstly please ensure all of your players are registered on GameDay; secondly make sure your coaches and managers are aware of the rules,  and finally make sure that players, officials and spectators are aware of the Code of Behaviour. Cultural change must be driven by the Club’s and behaviour addressed at that level. We all hold responsibility for those who represent us or are part of our organisations to take part in the right spirit and treat each other with respect.

Regards Todd

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