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Posted by Administrator on 16 Jul 2020
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Match Attendance 2020

Players, team managers, team coaches, match umpires and the TO that participate in a match are recorded on the Match Sheet. All such participants are required to be registered in revSPORT. Apart from it being a BHA registration requirement, this is also required to facilitate "contact tracing" by Qld Health officials should this be necessary. Players, team managers and team coaches that participate in a match may choose to also check-in using Eva Check-in.

All others not participating directly in a match are required to use the Eva Check-in to record their attendance. This will then include any players, managers and coaches that choose to stay to have a drink or food and/or to watch a following match - they are required to then check-in using Eva Check-in.

Simply put, while you are at a Hockey venue, turf or grass:

if your name is on the Match Sheet of the match currently in progress then you don't have to check-in to Eva Check-in; and

if your name is not on the Match Sheet of the match currently in progress then you are required to check-in to Eva Check-in.

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