Brisbane Masters Umpire Scholarship 2020-2022

Program background:

Everyone involved in the game of hockey, at any level, appreciates the game needs appropriately trained and qualified umpires however the number of umpires who want to perform this valuable service has been declining over the years, and not just in our sport either. Brisbane Masters has taken an active role in developing initiatives to assist the development of new umpires since 2015, firstly with a player/umpire mentoring scheme by the umpiring scholarship program specifically targeted towards young players and/or junior umpires to fast track skills development to becoming regular senior umpires.

To date, 5 umpires have completed the scholarship program with another 1 to complete the second year in 2020. It is a parallel objective, that graduates of this program, continue to regularly be available to umpire our various master’s competitions. This has a dual benefit, firstly to the individuals to continue their development, and secondly to boost the pool of umpires that are available to control Masters games, thereby limiting the gaps to be filled by player umpires. Generally, this has been the case, and most have also taken up appointments for games in other Brisbane competitions, which remains our ultimate objective. We have been encouraged by the success achieved to date by the umpires and the general acceptance and appreciation by the players within the master’s competition.

Brisbane Masters Committee remains committed to continuing this development program and will again offer a new scholarship to commence from 2020. However, following a review of results to date, we have decided that 2 years is not necessarily sufficient to advance inexperienced candidates to the standard our highest master’s grades require. As such the new scholarship will be for 2 years with a 3rd year option spanning the 2020-2022 seasons.

Objectives and responsibilities:

This program is designed to not only benefit the master’s Competition but the Brisbane competitions generally, for the longer term. We are looking to invest a substantial amount of money and the time of senior qualified umpires to train promising umpires initially across a two-year scholarship period (with a 3rd year option) if necessary, to achieve a consistent standard for MHL1/2 grades. By so doing candidates will have the opportunity to advance to Hockey Ed level 1 and provide representative opportunities at State and potentially National Level.

Funding has been raised by the Masters Committee and is seen by the committee as a way to actively demonstrate that Masters are committed to putting something back into the game for the future benefit of all players. However, there is an equal responsibility by the umpires to commit to and meet the particular obligations of the scholarship.

Nominations are invited from Clubs and master’s clubs/teams for a candidate for the scholarship period 2020-2022 (3rd year option). Completed Nomination Forms should be forwarded to Brisbane Masters Hockey committee via the BHA Secretary at secretary(at)bha(dot)org(dot)au prior to Friday 6 March 2020.

If you have a young person aged between 18 & 23 (ideally of driving age or having a reliable way to regularly get to and from master’s games on Tuesday nights). Some level umpiring experience is advantageous. The key attributes are a good learning attitude and a desire to develop the skills of umpiring as a complementary extension of their hockey career. A brief resume to accompany the form is useful to the selection process.

Requirements and mutual responsibilities


  • Have good understanding of the current rules
  • Some umpiring experience is advantageous, though not mandatory
  • Possess a good learning attitude and a desire to develop as an umpire
  • Generally, the target age group is between 18 and 23
  • Hold a current driver’s licence and/or having reliable transport to Masters games at any venue.
  • Be able to consistently attend 2 games of master’s hockey per week.
  • Be nominated by Clubs and accepted by the candidate.

Commitments required of candidate:

First season:

  • Umpire 2 games of Masters each week commensurate to skill level.
  • Be responsive to Umpire Coaches appointed to guide and mentor.
  • Undertake self-improvement training by umpiring other BHA Junior and Senior games.
  • Attain the standard required to be given a BHA Umpire Number.
  • Attain the minimum accreditation of Hockey Ed Community Umpire.

Second season:

  • Maintain umpiring average of 2 games per week at a level appropriate to skill level but preferably MHL 1 or 2.
  • Attend at least 1 Masters Queensland Championship.
  • Continue self-improvement by umpiring more challenging grades in other competitions
  • If appropriate, to attain minimum of Community Advanced Accreditation
  • Umpire finals series commensurate with experience and capability

Third season (option if needed to satisfactorily complete objectives):

  • Regularly umpire MHL1 and MHL2 matches, and/or equivalent BHL games
  • Attend Masters Queensland Championship
  • Attain Hockey Ed Level 1 Umpire accreditation
  • Umpire finals series commensurate with experience and capability
  • Potential to attend National Masters Championships, or other appropriate representative opportunities

Commitments required of Brisbane Masters:

  • To provide support, regular mentoring and coaching with the objective is to get them accredited within the Hockey Ed scheme to level 1 standard or as appropriate.
  • To set goals and monitor development
  • Provide development pathways and recommendations to other Brisbane competitions
  • Provide representative opportunities as appropriate to the skills and development of the candidate
  • Financial and other incentives. This includes all games being paid at $30.00 instead of the normal $20.00 from day 1 and prior to accreditation being achieved. Other incentives include payment and/or reimbursement of costs to attend representative tournaments.

Rod Hurst