Official Procedure for the Payment of Umpires & Technical Officers

For Season 2021 the procedures for remunerations for Umpires and Technical Officers is as follows:- 

  • A listing of accredited Umpires & TOs with their authorised numbers is to be to be held BHA Inc;
  • Payments will only be made to Umpires and Tech Officers who hold current HockeyEd accredition.
  • Umpires who wish to claim their Services as a “Hobby” must submit the relevant Form [also included on the BHA Web Site] with their initial Official Claim Form for the current Season;
  • Payments will be paid as soon as practical;

The above process is designed to obviate any ‘security’ concerns and ensures ownership and transposition of the correct information by the payee (Umpire or TO) to the payer (BHA Treasurer). Any changes of address and/or Bank Account details must be reflected in the relevant Official Claim Forms.

Claim Forms

These will be completed and submitted to BHA by each Umpire and Technical Officer fortnightly. Submitted Clam Forms will be checked by the respective Sub-committees before being onforwarded to BHA Inc Accounts. Umpires and TOs should retain a copy of all Claim Forms they submit. See side column for links.

Hobby Form

You will need to complete and submit a new ATO form "Statement by a Supplier" for each Season you are umpiring and making payment Claims. See side column for links.