Brisbane Hockey Umpires

Hockey needs umpires! Our game cannot be played without them!

Here is how HockeyEd may affect you!!!

I do NOT have a accreditation at all - Follow these 3 steps below;

Badge Process Step 1

Badge Process Step 2

Badge Process Step 3

I have a accreditation, but it's not current - View this document

I have a current HockeyEd accreditation, please complete this form -   Registration Form


Once you have completed and have your HockeyEd accreditation BHA needs you to register.


Firstly, all Umpires need to register prior to the commencement of each Season. The BHA Umpires Committee is then able to provide you with appointments relative to your level of experience. The Committee can also provide you with a development pathway to higher levels.

To register as an active Brisbane Umpire you need to complete the on-line Registration Form .

Even if you have previously been an active Umpire within BHA, it is asked that you register with your details and your HockeyEd number. By this means you become an "active" Umpire for the current Season and enables you to receive payments.

Active Umpires are those people who register with the BHA Umpires Committee and make themselves available for appointments on a regular basis. Appointments are made by the BHA Umpires Committee. To be appointed to matches you need to have an Assignr username and password - see this page for further information.

Once you have been endorsed by the BHA Umpires Committee you will receive a BHA Umpire Registration Number allowing you to officiate at BHA matches and be paid. Payments will be the same method as season 2015 where the Umpire Committee will colate your games and submit monthly claims to BHA Accounts for payment asap.

You will be required to submit an  ATO Form NAT 3346 Statement by Supplier form to BHA to comply with tax laws.

N O T E ! Remember All umpires wanting to be paid must hold a current HockeyEd Accreditation.

Umpire Mentors

2016 season will see an large increase of Umpire Mentors. 


How does the HockeyEd badges relate to BHA Competition




Division (BHA Competition)

FIH International

Division 1 Turf

HA Australian

Division 1 - 2 Turf

HA Level 2

Division 1 - 3 Turf

HQ Level 1 Advanced

Division 1 – 4 Turf

HA Level 1

Division 1 – 4 Turf

HQ Community Advanced

Division 4 - 5 Turf & Junior Turf & Senior Grass & Junior Grass

HA Community

Division 4 - 5 Turf & Junior Turf & Senior Grass & Junior Grass













If you have any question regarding HockeyEd please email - umpires(at)bha(dot)org(dot)au .