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Year Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4 Div 5 Div 6 Div 7 Div 8 C Grade Vets  
1950 Hamilton                    
1951 Valley       St Andrews            
1952 Valley       Ashgrove            
1953 St Andrews Valley St Andrews Valley University Army Boys Brigade        
1954 Valley Valley Valley Valley Hamilton Wilston          
1955 St Andrews St Andrews St Andrews   Hamilton Commercial          
1956 St Andrews Easts Valley Valley Hamilton Commercial     Valley    
1957 Valley St Andrews Newmarket   Ashgrove Meth Newmarket     Valley    
1958 Valley Redcliffe Bulimba   Hamilton       Valley    
1959 Valley Redcliffe Commercial     Valley Commercial   Commercial    
1960 Valley University Redcliffe     Valley Souths   Valley    
1961 Valley Valley Valley     Ashgrove Meth Souths   Valley    
1962 Commercial Valley Valley     Valley Y.M.C.A.   Valley    
1963 Commercial Valley Redcliffe Commercial   Valley Commercial   Valley    
1964 Commercial Commercial Easts Commercial   Valley Valley   Valley    
1965 Valley Valley Ashgrove Meth Commercial   Commercial University   Norths    
1966 Valley Commercial Ashgrove Meth Commercial Ashgrove Meth Valley Norths   Norths    
1967 Redcliffe Valley Bulimba Commercial Commercial St Andrews St And Valley        
1968 University Commercial Windsor Commercial Easts Valley Easts        
1969 Redcliffe Commercial St Andrews St Andrews Commercial Commercial Easts        
1970 St Andrews Valley Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial University        
1971 Commercial Norths University Commercial Windsor Commercial Bulimba        
1972 Redcliffe Valley Commercial Easts Norths Redcliffe Bulimba        
1973 Valley Easts Commercial Commercial 1 Commercial Redcliffe Commercial        
1974 St Andrews Valley Easts Commercial 1 Commercial Norths Valley        
1975 Valley St Andrews Norths Commercial 2 Norths Redcliffe Norths        
1976 Valley Valley Easts Valley Valley Redcliffe Bulimba Valley      
1977 Commercial Easts Commercial Easts Valley Norths Bulimba Qld Police      
1978 Bulimba Bulimba Commercial Bulimba SW United Commercial Pine Rivers Qld Police      
1979 Bulimba Commercial Commercial Valley Bulimba Commercial Valley SW United      
1980 Redcliffe Norths Easts Bulimba Easts Commercial Commercial Bulimba      
1981 Commercial Bulimba Commercial Easts Norths Commercial SW United Commercial      
1982 Valley St Andrews Easts Easts Norths Valley Commercial Commercial   Commercial  
1983 Bulimba Valley Easts Commercial Commercial 2 Easts Commercial Commercial   Commercial  
1984 Norths Valley Valley Easts Commercial Valley St Andrews Commercial   Bulimba  
1985 Valley Easts Valley Norths Easts University Redcliffe Commercial   Commercial  
1986 Valley Valley Valley Commercial City United University Norths Commercial   Bulimba  
1987 University Bulimba Valley Commercial Commercial St Andrews Valley Commercial   Bulimba  
1988 SW United Redcliffe Easts City United Commercial St Andrews Norths Redcliffe   Commercial  
1989 Commercial Redcliffe Valley Valley City United Norths Commercial Redcliffe   Valley  
1990 Easts Easts Valley Easts Commercial Norths St Andrews Commercial   Commercial 1  
1991 SW United University St Andrews Commercial Norths Qld Police Commercial     Commercial 1  
1992 SW United Easts Valley Commercial University Norths Qld Police     Bulimba  
1993 SW United University Easts City United University Logan Commercial     Redcliffe  
1994 Commercial Easts Commercial Commercial Kedron Wavell Qld Police Bulimba     St Andrews  
1995 Bulimba Commercial Easts Valley SW United Qld Police Valley     Valley  
1996 Bulimba Commercial Commercial Bulimba St Andrews Qld Police Valley     Valley  
1997 Bulimba Kedron Wavell Bulimba Bulimba 1 St Andrews Commercial Valley     St Andrews  
1998 Easts St Andrews Valley St Andrews Bulimba Qld Police       Valley  
1999 Bulimba Redcliffe Easts Bulimba St Andrews Qld Police       Easts Tigers  
2000 Redcliffe Commercial Commercial Bulimba St Andrews Valley       Kedron Wavell  
2001 Easts Redcliffe University Bulimba Bulimba Valley       Valley  


2002 Bulimba University University Commercial Commercial PR StAndrews University   Valley -  
2003 Redcliffe Lges University Q.U.T. Valley Commercial Pine Hills University   Kedron Wavell Easts  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL 1 CHL 2   VHL 1 VHL 2  
2004 Easts Easts University Easts Logan Commercial Pine Hills   Valley Norths  
2005 Commercial PR StAndrews SW United Easts Commercial Commercial Easts   Easts SW United  
2006 Commercial Commercial University University Bulimba Commercial Logan   Kedron Wavell SW United  
2007 Bulimba Commercial Commercial Easts Kedron Wavell Commercial Commercial 2   Easts Easts  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL 1 CHL 2 VHL 1 VHL 2 VHL 3  
2008 Commercial Commercial PR StAnd Nth PR StAnd Nth Ked Wav Blue Commercial SW United Kedron Wavell PR StAndrews Bulimba  
2009 Commercial Redcliffe Q.U.T. PR StAnd Nth Kedron Wavell Commercial -- Commercial Norths Bulimba  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 CHL   VHL 1 VHL 2 VHL 3  
2010 Commercial Commercial University 1 Valley Qld Police Commercial -- Easts SW United Bulimba  
2011 Commercial PR St Andrews Easts PR St Andrews Qld Police Commercial -- Valley Kedron Wavell Commercial  
Year BHL 1 BHL 2 BHL 3 BHL 4 BHL 5 BHL 6 CHL MHL 1 MHL 2 MHL 3 MHL 4
2012 Easts Commercial Commercial Commercial Valley Easts Commercial 1 Easts Ked Wavell 1 n/a Commercial
2013 Easts Valley University Commercial Qld Police University Valley University Easts Redcliffe Lges Commercial
2014 Easts Easts Commercial QUT Qld Police University Commercial 1 Valley Commercial Kedron Wavell Commercial
2015 Bulimba Commercial University PR St Andrews Valley University Commercial 1 Easts University/Easts Norths --
2016 Commercial Commercial QUT PR St Andrews Valley Easts A Commercial 1 Redcliffe Lges University University Valley
2017 Easts PR St Andrews Commercial Easts University Valley Commercial 2 University Bulimba Easts Kedron Wavell
2018 Easts Commercial Commercial Easts Uni of Qld 1 Kedron Wavell Commercial 2 Commercial Uni of Qld Easts Valley


2019 Labrador Uni of Qld Uni of Qld Valley Uni of Qld Kedron Wav - Commercial 1 PRStAndrews Uni of Qld Norths Valley S'bank Storm
2020 Labrador PRStAndrews PRStAndrews Uni of Qld Valley Kedron Wav - Commercial 1 Uni of Qld SW United Bulimba Valley SW United
2021 Easts Easts Uni of Qld St Andrews SW United Uni of Qld 2 - Commercial 1 Redcliffe Lgs Valley Bulimba Kedron Wav S'bank Storm
2022 Easts Easts Easts St Andrews Valley Kedron Wav Valley Uni of Qld Redcliff Lgs Easts Kedron Wav Norths Easts

An abridged version of this table appears each year in the BHA Annual Report - link .