BHA Masters Specific Rules

There are a number of rules and requirements contained within the BHA Rules and Requirements - Season 2019 document that will be of particular interest to the players and officials of the BHA Masters (MHL) Competition. Use the following links to view these within the PDF document. The links will take you to the relevant page only.

  • Front Cover
    - to view the full document. There is a clickable table of content (TOC) on the second page.
  • 2.2 Match Templates & Durations
    - the match duration for Masters is to allow for a 7pm start and three (3) matches per field per evening.
  • 2.20 Masters Hockey League (MHL)
    - MHL specific rules.
  • 3.2 Player Registrations
    There are two paragraphs here that often apply to Masters players.
    • 3.2.4 Registering in more than one competition
        Link - see bottom of page 10.
    • 3.2.5 Registering with more than one Club
        Link - see near top of page 11.
  • 3.3.5 Age eligibility for participation in the BHA Masters
       Link - bottom of page 11. The 'age table' has been removed to a pop-up.
       Tap this link to view the current table as a pop-up. L O O K ! IMPORTANT LINK!
  • 3.6 Player Eligibility for Finals
      Link - applies to all BHA competitions playing a Finals Series.
  • 3.9 Re-registration of Players
      Link - important information for Team organisers and Club Secretaries.

Tip: Club and Team Officials, as well as players should read through these references at least once each season to familiarise themselves with the rules and requirements.

Tip: Should your browser/PDF viewer not scroll you to the required paragraph using the above links then make a note of the required rule number and use the 'clickable' Table of Contents within the PDF document to scroll to it.