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2019 BHA Masters Fixtures - Proposed Dates
Memorial Cup  
Grand Final  

MHL - Team Nominations & Grading, 2016 - 2018

The BHA Director of Competitions will again request all Clubs to indicate their teams and the Competitions and Divisions they intend to nominate them for in 2019.

The following table shows the 2016 - 2018 MHL Team Gradings. 2019 will be added when known. Use this to compare with the nominations and grading of Club Teams across the last three years.

2018 MASTERS HOCKEY LEAGUE  FINAL As at: 27 Feb 2018
Count MHL 1 MHL 2 MHL 3 MHL 4
1 Commercial Bulimba Bulimba Bulimba
2 PR St Andrews Eastern Suburbs Commercial Commercial
3 QUT Kedron Wavell Eastern Suburbs Eastern Suburbs
4 Redcliffe Leagues Redcliffe Leagues KedronWavell Kedron Wavell
5 University of Qld South West United Northern Suburbs 1 Southbank Storm
6   University of Qld Northern Suburbs 2 South West United
7     Pine Hills Valley
8     PR St Andrews  
9     South West United  
10     University of Qld  
Count MHL 1 MHL 2 MHL 3 MHL 4
1 Eastern Suburbs Bulimba Bulimba Bulimba
2 Redcliffe Leagues Commercial Commercial Commercial
3 South West United Eastern Suburbs Eastern Suburbs Eastern Suburbs
4 University of Qld Kedron Wavell Kedron Wavell Kedron Wavell
5 Valley Northern Suburbs Northern Suburbs Pine Hills
6   Redcliffe Leagues PR St Andrews Southbank Storm
7   South West United Redcliffe Leagues* South West United
8   University of Qld University of Qld Valley

29 May 2017

Count MHL 1 MHL 2 MHL 3 MHL 4
1 Eastern Suburbs Bulimba Kedron Wavell Bulimba
2 Commercial Commercial Northern Suburbs Commercial
3 Kedron Wavell Eastern Suburbs PR St Andrews Eastern Suburbs
4 Redcliffe Leagues Kedron Wavell Southbank Storm Pine Hills
5 South West United Northern Suburbs South West United South West United
6 University of Qld Redcliffe Leagues University of Qld Valley
7 Valley University of Qld    

Masters' Newsletter

"Newsflash", the BHA Masters' Newsletter, is regulary circulated via email to all who have registered on the MHL database - see below or this page.

Interested? Then make certain you have registered, even if you aren't playing in the Masters' competition. Newsflash contains important information, dates and announcements. Subscribe and view past issues on this page.

MHL Database

Brisbane Masters Database online form. The Masters’ registration database is for communication and organisation of the Masters’ Tuesday Night competition, as well as organising the Brisbane rep teams to play in the Qld Masters State Championships. It also allows for officials to contact players at short notice if there is a forfeit, or a rain cancellation etc. Any non-players are welcome to register (it’s free and non-binding) if they wish to receive the Masters’ Newsflash pdf by email.


EVERY Brisbane Masters' player MUST register (and update their profile preference each successive year) with the MHL Database.

Please follow this link or tap form to complete the MHL Database form now!

The form is very simple and straight forward. It only takes a minute to complete.


Personal (Player) Injury Insurance

To request a Personal Injury Insurance Claim form phone 03 9947 4343 or use this link to visit the hockey area of the "Honan Sport" Insurance Website for more info.


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