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9yr old boy looking for an indoor team
 Jettstar05(at)hotmail(dot)com  02 Sep 2023
Played U9 comp this year, and was in Div 4 U11 Brisbane rep team. Would love to find an indoor team to join! Thank you!
 kals82(at)outlook(dot)com  15 Aug 2023
17 YEAR OLD GIRL SEEKING INDOOR TEAM. Has 5 or 6 years experience.
15 yo Boy looking for a Junior team
 djwillersdorf(at)yahoo(dot)com  14 Aug 2023
6 years playing, most recent (2022-23) in Junior Div2 mixed team and a Mens Div 5 team. Keen to play, but all Junior team mates are aging out in 2023-24
Goalkeeper Looking for Men's Indoor Team
 roberts13159(at)hotmail(dot)com  07 Aug 2023
Looking for a men's indoor team for the 2023/24 season.
Have played Div2 in the BIHL the last few seasons but happy to play any division.
Contact via 0484 924 640
Player looking for indoor hockey team
 mikaela(dot)hawkins(at)outlook(dot)com  19 Jun 2023
Looking for a women’s indoor team to play in the 23/24 season.
Preferably lower divisions as I’ve not played in a while.
Will be available for most games (if not all).
Contact via 0407 528 000.
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