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Hockey Zone - No longer on TV!

As of 2017 Hockey Zone will no longer be broadcast on TV. By most accounts, Hockey Brisbane through Hockey Zone, has been producing some of the best quality broadcasts of hockey matches within Australia. Most of the credit is due to Paul Mills, Hockey Zone's Producer, and his merry band of helpers.

It remains a disappointment that neither this State's Administration nor the National Administration appear to have supported these efforts in a positive and practical way. Still, Hockey Zone will continue as a Livestreaming service on the Internet and will include many of the segments popular on the TV version.


Hockey Zone Website

Hockey Zone is still happening though, it's now streaming and YouTube clips. Visit the Hockey Zone Website where you'll find links to Livestreams and YouTube channels. You'll be able find out how and when to join a Livestream or to select a past segment that you want to watch to enjoy at your leisure.


Livestream & YouTube on your TV - Howto

If you would like to watch the Hockey Zone Livestreams and YouTube videos available via the Internet on your TV then check out these options:

  1. Follow this link to see an instructional video showing how to connect your PC/Laptop to your TV using a HTML cable.
  2. Use your Smart TV !  Don't have a so called "Smart TV" then try one of the following.
  3. One of the least expensive ways if you have Wi-Fi at home is to use a Chromecast device. The Chromecast device simply plugs directly into a HDMI input on your TV. There are several models of Chromecasts to choose from and around $50 - $60 is all that you should have to pay and you are ready to go.

    With a Chromecast connected to your TV, you use either the Chrome (or Chromium) browser to browse to Livestream or YouTube (or anywhere else) on a Wi-Fi connected device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. Then from within the browser you connect to the Chromecast device via the Chromecast button - . The Chromecast device then pulls the content directly from the Internet. You still have control over it from your device.
  4. Another alternative is to use a mini/micro computer. Some are chocolate box sized and some are not much larger than a USB memory stick. These can be purchased locally or online and can be a lot of fun to use. Generally they connect directly to an HDMI input on the TV, and include onboard Wi-Fi and are powered by a small 5v (micro USB) power pack. The Operating System will usually be Android, a cut-down version of Windows or similar and include a browser with which you can navigate the Internet to Livestream, YouTube, etc. You need to connect a mouse (or similar) to the device either wirelessly or wired. Though usually not essential, a keyboard can also be helpful.

HDMI Cables

Know your cables! You can pay too much!

HDMI cables come with version numbers and come with several types of plugs. When buying a cable, look for at least Version 1.3 or better. Version 1.4 is the most common at the time of writing, with Version 2 just beginning to make an appearance. Each version increment, in the main, simply increases the speed at which the connection is capable of as well as enabling the use of newer technology and gadgetry (Ethernet, etc), much of it not even present on the devices we are using today such as household computers and TV's. So v1.3 is likely fine, while v1.4 is better, and v2 is probably overkill and costs too much at present. A great place to buy all manner of cables is MSY.

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