Rostered Player Umpire Allocations

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Rostered Player Umpires


Rostered Player Umpiring refers to the use of player Umpires to umpire fixture matches. Player Umpires are required from time to time when Official Umpires are unavailable.

To assist all concerned, a roster is drawn up for the Season covering all Senior Competitions/Divisions. Then as the current version of SportsTG that we have to use does not have provision to include such a roster, we include them here.

  • Tap on the relevant Competition/Division/s above
  • In the resultant page scroll within the Competition to the current week.
  • These spreadsheets are hosted in GoogleDrive.
  • This remains an interim solution to the posting of rostered (player) umpire allocations.
  • Please be aware that the displayed spreadsheet is not dynamically linked to SportsTG and might from time to time be out of sync.