BHA Memorial Cup

The Memorial Cup was first contested in Division 1 in 1950. Back then it was played as a knock-out competition prior to the commencement of the normal playing season over three Saturdays, including a Final. In later years, prior to the introduction of artificial surfaces, when most hockey was played on Saturdays, the Memorial Cup matches were played on a Sunday. They were then contested by the leading two teams after the conclusion of the first series of Fixtures. With the introduction of the artificial surfaces, and with regular fixture matches increasingly being programmed on Sundays, it became difficult to set aside a special day. Often now, the result of the match when the first and second team at the conclusion of the first Series next meet in a regular Fixture is used to determine the winner.

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2023 Winners

There are no separate Memorial Cup matches to be played in 2023. Note that the match dates & times are subject to alteration and should be checked in revSport prior to attandance. The following is a section of an online Google spreadsheet. On small screen devices, this table is often best viewed by rotating it 90 degrees.

The individual Memorial Cups will be presented to the winning teams on the Grand Final Day relevant to their Competition and Division.

BHA Memorial Cup Rules

The following is an excerpt from the BHA Competition Rules & Requirements - 2023 that outlines the BHA Memorial Cup process.

7.1 Memorial Cup Finals

Memorial Cup Finals shall be conducted under the conditions as determined by the BHA Board.
7.1.1 The Memorial Cup shall be contested across all Senior Divisions each year on ANZAC Day or on any other date/s determined by the BHA Board.
7.1.2 The Memorial Cup shall be contested in each Division by the two (2) leading teams of the Division at the conclusion of the first series of the previous Season’s Premiership Fixtures, with the ladder positions for the Memorial Cup being  determined in line with Rule 8.2.
7.1.3 If a Memorial Cup match cannot be played then the team leading the Division, as determined in 7.1.2, shall be awarded the Memorial Cup.
7.1.4 In the case where a team that qualified for a Memorial Cup match in the previous Season is no longer in the Division in which they qualified, the team will still be expected to play in the Memorial Cup as if they were still in that Division. However, if for any reason this is not possible then the BHA Board shall determine the replacement team, e.g. by allowing the team that finished in third place to qualify, or a similar method.