BHA Masters Hockey League (MHL)

Match Officials for Divisions 1 - 5 ==> FINALS SERIES

The complete season of the MHL1-5 Draw is presented below using an embedded Google spreadsheet. There is also a link to a PDF version at the bottom of this page.
Note: The intended purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide the Rostered Umpiring appointments only. It should not be used by players and supporters to attend matches as it may from time to time become out of step with the SportsTG version - here !

Download/view the above as a landscape PDF - link . This PDF is a full listing of the spreadsheet. Unfortunately the page breaks in this document may not always fall in the most desirable positions - sorry!

This is an interim solution while we wait for the Gameday Platform (formerly SportsTG) Competition module to be completed by its Programmers and then released. The displaying of details of Match Officials are rumoured to be included in the new platform.