Season 2019

BHL Fixtures - 2019

A number of rounds of the Brisbane Hockey League (BHL) Draws have been released by the BHA Director of Competitions. While we wait for the Gameday Platform (formerly SportsTG) Competition module to be completed by its Programmers and then be released. In the mean time:

  1. Players should visit SportsTG to view Fixture Draws - link; and
  2. Club & Team Officials should use the following links to Google spreadsheets for Rostered Umpiring:
    1. BHL1-3 link;
    2. BHL4-6 link;
    3. MHL1-5 link.

These spreadsheets are interim solutions while we wait for GameDay!

Masters (MHL) Fixtures - 2019

These too will be posted in the old SportsTG portal - link.

Team Nominations From Clubs

In October 2018 Clubs were invited to nominate a list of their proposed teams for the Senior Competitions and Divisions for (outdoor) Season 2019. These submissions allowed the BHA Director of Competitions to begin creating draft draws. As most venues are shared with BWHA, both Associations' Draws are created in conjunction with each others. Follow this link to see the latest summary of the nominations submitted by the Clubs as a live PDF generated on-the-fly using Google Sheets. Clubs will soon be required to submit Junior Team nominations as well!

Fixture Dates for 2019

The following table sets out the proposed dates for the BHA Competitions and Divisions for the 2019 Season. Clubs are expected to be invited to nominate their Junior Teams early in 2019. Club Secretaries will be advised of any alterations.

Proposed Dates for BHA Season 2019
As at: 8/02/2019 Dates provided by BHA Dir of Comp. This table will be added to as more info comes to hand. All dates are subject to change! 4/02/2019 - BHL1-3 start date brought forward; 6/02/19 - JHL Grading & Fixture dates announced, 8/02/2019 CHL date confirmed. Clubs advised.
  Start Mem Cup Grand Final  
BHL1-3: 16/03/2019 08/06/2019 14/09/2019 - start date altered to keep aligned
BHL4-6: 17/03/2019 08/06/2019 08/09/2019  
CHL: 23/03/2019 tba 07/09/2019 - start changed again due to new Draw
MHL: 12/03/2019 tba tba - meeting 29 Jan
JHL - J1: 08/03/2019 n/a 06/09/2019  
JHL - J2/3, U13 & U11: Grading Games
30 Mar & 6 Apr

Fixtures 27/04/2019
n/a 07/09/2019  
  School Term 2 School Term 3
  Start Finish Start Finish
JHL - U7/U9: 27/04/2019 22/06/2019 20/07/2019 07/09/2019
File: BHA Proposed Season Dates 2019

The above table is subject to change. E & O E.

  • Above table - follow this link to view/download a 'live' PDF version of the table above. (PDF hosted by Google)
  • Queensland School Calendars - follow this link to access a range of these online.
  • Team Nominations by Clubs - follow this link. (PDF hosted by Google)

BHA Fixture Draws

Brisbane Hockey Association manages competitions targeted at various age groups - Seniors, Juniors and Masters. Once the Draws have been formulated, checked and ratified for the current season they are accessible via the Competitions menu or via this link:

L O O K ! << Fixture Draws & Results >> L O O K !

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