Season 2021

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Further down the page you will find a list of proposed date and a link to a summary of the Team Nominations/Gradings for 2021.


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2021 Competition Dates

A copy of this table was originally circulated to all Clubs, 21 January 2021.

It is updated as required and as further information comes to hand.

Proposed Dates for BHA Season 2021
As at: 20/08/2021  

Please Note:

  • The dates published within this table are to be used as a guide only as the release and publishing of all Draws in revolutioniseSPORT may contain variations to the dates listed below.
  • Clubs and Venues are always advised of changes to dates, however there may be delays to the updating of this table.
  • The dates were originally provided by BHA Director of Competitions and although they were quite firm at the time, they remain subject to change. Additional info will be added as it becomes available. E. & O. E.
Comp/Div Start Mem Cup Grand Final Comment
BHL1-3: 10/04/2021 tba 02/10/2021 # Refer to Return To Play News Item.
BHL4-6: 14/03/2021 tba 03/10/2021 #  
CHL: 20/03/2021 tba 11/09/2021 #  
MHL4 & 5: 9/03/2021 tba 5/10/2021 # Refer to Return To Play News Item.
MHL3: 16/03/2021 tba 5/10/2021 #  
MHL1/2: 23/03/2021 tba 5/10/2021 #  
JHL - J1: 16/04/2021 n/a 10/09/2021 # Refer to Return To Play News Item.
JHL - U11 Grading matches 17/04/2021 11/09/2021 #  
JHL - J2/3 & U13: 24/04/2021* n/a 11/09/2021 #  
  *Rec'd advice 11/04/2021 that the above are to commence 24/04/2021 not 17/04/2021 # Dates approved by Board 18 Aug 2021  
  School Term 2 School Term 3
Comp/Div Start Finish Start Finish
JHL - U7/U9: tba   tba 10/09/21 #
File: BHA Proposed Season Dates 21

The red dates indicate the most recent alteration/s.
Mon 1 Mar 21 - BHL4-6 put back a week due to a team pulling out.

Fri 12 Mar 21 - amended MHL starting dates noted in table. Some weeks back venues were sent updated bookings, Clubs were advised of the changes and that the Draws were online.
Sun 11 Apr 21 - advised that J2, J3 & U13 commencing 24 Apr 21 & Under 11 has grading matches on 17 Apr 21.

Friday 20 Aug 2021 - Updates to Grand Final dates in the above table amended following Board approval 18 Aug 21.
The above table is subject to change. E. & O. E.

2021 Team Nominations

All Clubs are required to nominate their teams prior to the Season.  Requests for Senior Team and Junior Team nominations were circulated ealier in the year.

Download Team Nomination Summary

The submission of proposed teams allows the BHA Director of Competitions to create draft draws for the commencement of Fixtures. As most venues are shared with BWHA, the Associations' Draws are created in conjunction with each other. Follow this link or the icon to the right to see the latest summary of the nominations as submitted by the Clubs (Jan 2021). This is a live PDF generated on-the-fly using Google Sheets so it may take a little time to come through - when it does, save it, then open the saved copy.

Here is a direct link  (faster) to this online (live) spreadsheet.

Please check that your Club has correctly nominated its teams.