About the B&F Medal

First awarded in 1980, the BHA Best & Fairest Medal has been known by various names, generally incorporating the name of the major sponsor of the Association during that period. Initially it was named the Oakbridge Medal. Later is it was known as the Fosters Medal. More recently it was named the BHA Best & Fairest Medal.

Most often, the Medal was awarded during a "presentation dinner" held during the Brisbane Semi-finals. These dinners would feature a count-down. The individual points for each match would be read out by an MC while the points would be displayed for all to see.

In more recent times the BHA Rookie of the Year was also presented at the same event.

Using a Slideshow
Later a slideshow was used to display the progress of the counting.
Where a slideshow was used, and where we have managed to retain a copy, a link has been included in the table. During some of the earlier B&F presentations the names were revealed on screen one at a time as they were read out, for an example see the 2004 slideshow linked to here. 

The Slideshow Links
The slideshows linked to below are stored in Google Drive and are accessed using Google Slides. Some visitors may find that their employer has blocked access to such third party media. However, the slideshows should be accessible from everywhere else, including via tablets and phones - your plan permitting.

These slideshows are set to advance every 5 seconds, however you can pause them using the controls at the bottom of the player frame - you may have to move your mouse over the slideshow or tap to slideshow to invoke the controls.

In some cases some of the formatting within individual slides has altered. Amongst the reasons for this is the use of differing fonts, differing screen parameters, and so on. It is difficult to avoid some of this without spending a great deal of time and effort on them - something that is generally in short supply. Therefore please enjoy them as they are presented here, and by all means let us know what you think.



Brisbane Hockey Association
Year Name (Club) Link
1980 Peter Shaw (EAS)  
1981 Greg Browning (BUL)  
1982 John Campbell (VAL)  
1983 Graham Reid (RED)  
1984 Peter Batty (BUL)  
1985 John Rodda (BUL)  
1986 Peter Batty (BUL)  
1987 Neil Bullion (BUL)  
1988 Peter Shaw (EAS)  
1989 Bruce Robertson (COM)  
1990 Ray Carey (EAS)  
1991 Ori Gasparini (BUL)  
1992 John Robertson (SWU)  
1993 Bruce Robertson (COM)  
1994 Scott Jennison (STA)  
1995 Greg Brown (EAS)  
1996 Greg Forbes (KWS)  
1997 Garry Jennison (STA)  
1998 Cameron Fraser (VAL)  
1999 Jason Greene (COM)  
2000 Kent Harle (RED)  
2001 Sean Dancer (BUL)  
2002 Kent Harle (RED)  
2003 Todd Watson (EAS) Link
2004 George Clutton (EAS) Link
2005 George Clutton (EAS) Link
2006 Jay Weatherley (EAS)  
2007 Matthew Swann (RED)  
2008 Adam Byrnes (LAB)  
2009 Nicholas Budd (RED)  
2010 Jacob Whetton (EAS) Link 1
2011 Mark Harris (LAB)  
2012 Jacob Webber (EAS)  
2013 Jacob Burns (COM)  
2014 Tobias Figura (VAL) Link
2015 Troy Elder (BUL) Link
2016 Cale Cramer (BUL) Link
2017 Ian Schulz (COM)  
2018 Hugh Pembroke (EAS)  
2019 Joshua Blakey (RED)  
2020 Jared Taylor (COM)  
2021 Cale Cramer (BUL)  
2022 Max Harding (STA)  
Awarded to the best new player registered fulltime in the BHA First Division competition.
Year Name (Club)
1997 Jamie Dwyer (EAS)
1998 Stephen Lambert (VAL)
1999 Liam De Young (STA)
2000 Steven Bullion (BUL)
2001 Darran Bisley (EAS)
2002 Luke Rogers (BUL)
2003 Tom Brough (COM)
2004 Jason Wilson (EAS)
2005 Ben Sawyers (STA)
2006 Nicholas Budd (RED)
2007 Matthew Swann (RED)
2008 Peter Dillon (RED)
2009 Ashley Hennegan (UNI)
2010 Jake Farrell (EAS)
2011 Justin Douglas (BUL)
2012 Jake Hathway (UNI)
2013 Grant Dilger (COM)
2014 Scott Boyde (EAS)
2015 Mackenzie Warne (EAS)
2016 Matthew Finn (COM)
2017 Max Harding (STA)
2018 Jay Pavitt (COM)
2019 Liam Hart (STA)
2020 Michael Doan (EAS)
2021 David Hubbard (EAS)
2022 Tyler Gaddes (LAB)