Player Transfers & Clearances - 2018

At the start of 2018 several Club representatives contacted this office regarding the procedure for Player Transfers and Clearances. Transfers are now handled quite effectively within SportsTG. However several Clubs still insist upon receiving a written Clearance from the former Club of a new player. Club Secretaries have been very cooperative on this matter even though in reality it is a duplication of effort.

It is now time for all Clubs to adopt the use of SportsTG for Transfers and Clearances.

Now that all players are recorded in the SportsTG database the internal procedure for player transfers can be used with confidence to not only transfer a player from one Club to another, but also to provide the player's former Club with the capability to approve or reject a transfer and to provide a reason. This is analogous to the provision or refusal of a Clearance.

Written Clearances will no longer be required for players that have previously registered with SportsTG.

Transferring a Player in SportsTG

As you would expect there are two distinct parties involved and therefore different procedures to follow depending on whether your Club is the Club the player is leaving ot the Club the player is transfering to. Probably the best way to refer to the two Clubs involved is as the "TO" Club and the "FROM" Club. SportsTG provides several helpful documents covering the procedures involved - links are provided below.

  1. The Secretary of the "TO" Club generally begins the process by requesting the transfer of a player from the "From" Club. Please read this document for the steps.
  2. Once the Secretary of the "FROM" Club is aware of the request it is their responsibility to check that the player in question is paid-up, has returned Club property, and so on.
  3. Once the checks are completed by the Secretary of the "FROM" Club, then they have two choices:
    • to approve the transfer to the "TO" Club, which infers also that the player is given a Clearance - read this document; or
    • to reject the transfer to the "TO" Club, which infers also that the player is refused a Clearance - read this document.

The procedures involved appear to be quite simple. It may be advisable to download and store and/or print the linked documents for reference, at least for the present.