BHA COVID-19 Safety Management Plan

Please use this link to download the latest version of the BHA COVID-19 Safety Management Plan . This document contains very important information including links to the Safety Management Plans and self check-in forms for Hockey venues within its appendices. 

Competition Rules & Requirements (Local Rules)

The local rules are important documents that all players and officials must read.

  • BHA Competition Rules & Requirements Links
    • Competition Rules & Requirements - 2021 v1.0.1   
    • The above link opens the latest version in your browser of choice with a "clickable" Table of Contents.
      Right-click this link to download a copy.
    • Shoot-out Competition Form as a PDF - recommended HBI version (as featured in BHA Comp Rules).
    • To download required registration forms, see the Rego Forms & Resources page.
    • BHA U7/U9 Rules, Guidelines & Field Setup information - see section 13.6 (page 30) of the BHA Comp Rules & Req - 2021.
    • Masters' Specific Rules - within the Competitiion Rules and Requirements (see link above) the section titled "2.19 Masters Hockey League (MHL)" contains a number of requirements that are sepecific to the Masters Competition.
    • Guidelines for Ball Attendants - Use of Ball Attendants is restricted to BHL1 matchesper Rule 2.11 of the BHA Comp Rules.
      Club Officials are also referred to this link within the Hockey Australia Website .
    • Use of Drones (Hockey) - A notice was circulated to all Clubs 17 May 2017 regarding the use of drones and BHA Hockey matches - link . The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has also published Safety Information on the same subject which includes references to sport - link . See Sub-section 2.20.3 of the BHA Competition Rules & Requirements 2021 v1.0.1.
  • Working with BHA Team & Player Registrations
    • The Working with BHA Team & Player Registrations document can be viewed/downloaded from this link .
  • BHA Team & Match Record Books
    • Tap this link for a copy of a document explaining how to use these books - PDF format (170KB).
  • BHA Incident Report (General)
  • Procedures & Guidelines for BHA Technical Officials
    • Right click to view in PDF  format (90KB). Requires an update!
  • BHA Role Responsibilities
    • Right click to view in PDF format (95KB).

Match Analysis Software

Looking for software for analysing videoed matches? The big players do this with software that costs thousands of dollars. Why not try Longo Match . It was originally Open Source software and was developed by a Hockey Player being made available on Linux, Apple & Windows platforms. Recently it too has embraced a subscription model. You can try out a no cost fifteen (15) day trial of the "Pro" version. Visit this site for more information.

The Open Source version can still be downloaded and used for free. When you visit the Longo Match site , look under the "Products" menu. The Open Source version does not have all of the bells and whistles of the Pro version. Many BHL1 Clubs and others have used this software.