BHA Perpetual Cup, Trophy & Shield Tracking

Each year Clubs, their Teams and some of their Players are awarded one or more perpetual Cups, Trophies &/or Shields. Generally these are awarded at the respective Grand Finals. However, as they are "perpetual", meaning eternal or permanent, they must be returned to the Association in preparation for presentation at the following year's Grand Final days.

Many Clubs/Teams take photos of their member/s with the cup/trophy/shield on Grand Final Day and then immediately give it back to the Association. Others will take it to their Club celebrations, and return them to the Association shortly afterwards. Still others will hold on to the cup/trophy/shield until the following year, this being perhaps the least safest option.

Occasionally a cup/trophy/shield will sustain some damage. In such cases the Club should immediately return the cup/trophy/shield to the Associtation so that suitable repairs can be carried out in a timely manner.

Around June/July each year, Clubs are asked to return all cups/trophies/shields. This is necessary so that all cups/trophies/shields can be readied for current year's Grand Final days. Below is a live copy of the Google spreadsheet used to record and track perpetual cups/trophies/shields.


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