Member Protection Policy (MPP)

(BHA adopts Hockey Australia‚Äôs Member Protection Policy)

Along with the State Association (HQ) and other Associations, BHA Inc has adopted Hockey Australia's Member Protection Policy. This policy, which has been in place since 2004 and is regularly updated by HA.

The policy document is available for perusal under 'Policy' =>> 'Fair' within the  HA Website.  While the online location of the document may be moved by HA from time to time within its Website, in 2021 it is to be found here:  HA Member Protection Policy   (250KB PDF).

The Policy is intended to cover all players, officials, parents, spectators, etc, that are participating in all affiliated Associations, Clubs and Sub-committees. The document includes a "Code of Behaviour" for each level of participation.

Relevant documents and information can also be accessed via links on this HQ page .

Code of Behaviour

When registering as a player, as an official, or registering a junior player as a parent or guardian, and so on, members are required to agree to the relevant code of behaviour (or conduct). The online statement reads:
"I/we agree to abide by Hockey Australia, Hockey Qld and BWHA/BHA Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures".
A member's registration will not be accepted without a "Yes" answer to this statement/question.

Working with Children
Qld Blue Card System

New processes, online and paper forms are effective from Monday 31 August 2020. All previous versions of application forms will no longer be accepted.

If an applicant is applying for a Blue Card for the first time, or they are applying for the renewal of an existing Blue Card, then they should  follow this link - the landing page for this link will look like the first screenshot. It is a lengthy page and the applicant will need to take the time to scroll down to read it through and to reach the "How to apply" section.

The "How to apply" section (towards the bottom of the page) contains links to both the online application system and to the paper (PDF) version of the application form.

The next screenshot shows the "How to apply" section which outlines the two options. Arrows have been added to the screenshot to indicate the relationship between the outline and the two links. 

The Blue Card Services preferred method for the submission of applications is via the "online applicant system" - using the green "Register now" button. It is important that the applicant has their ID handy, e.g. Driver's License, 18+ Card, etc, as the CRN from such documents is required.

However, applicants can also download, print and complete a PDF (paper) application form. These forms no longer appear to support electronic completion meaning that they must be filled in by hand and sent to BHA for completion. The applicant is also required to enter their CRN on paper forms.