Member Protection Policy (MPP)

Along with the State Association (HQ) and other Associations, BHA Inc has adopted Hockey Australia's Member Protection Policy. This policy, which has been in place since 2004 and is regularly updated by HA.

The policy document is available for perusal on the  HA Website  (1MB PDF). The location of the document is:
HA Website  =>>  Governance  =>>  Policies & Procedures =>>  HA Member Protection Policy - under "FAIR".

The Policy is intended to cover all players, officials, parents, spectators, etc, that are participating in all affiliated Associations, Clubs and Sub-committees. The document includes a "Code of Behaviour" for each level of participation - these begin on page 26 of the current Policy document. See also next heading below.

There is also important information here with respect to Member Protection (Safe, Fair & Inclusive) - HA National Integrity Framework .

Relevant documents and information can also be accessed via links on this HQ page .

Code of Behaviour

During the process of registering - as a player, as an official, or registering a junior player as a parent or guardian, and so on, members are required to agree to the relevant code of behaviour (or conduct). The online statement reads:
"I/we agree to abide by Hockey Australia, Hockey Qld and BWHA/BHA Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures".
A member's registration will not be accepted without a "Yes" answer to this statement/question.

Working with Children
Qld Blue Card System

Please visit  this site  to read the documentation associated with the Queensland Blue Card System. The relevant forms can be downloaded/printed from  here .

Ideally, applicants who are applying via BHA should use the link to the pre-filled form (see note below) and:

  1. downloaded PDF and save it locally;
  2. open and fill-in the the form as a PDF
    - this requires a suitable PDF reader/form filler
    - in some readers this means tapping the "Show Forms" button;
  3. save it and print it;
  4. sign the printed copy, then together with copies of their ID;
  5. present it to the BHA General Secretary for checking, signing and submission.

Note: A pre-filled BHA form can be downloaded from BHA and used when applying for or renewing a Blue Card with BHA. Note that these forms have a "use by date" in the top right-hand corner. Should this prefilled form be out of date then the applicant will have to visit the Blue Card Services (BCS) Website and download the latest version version of the blank form. Out of date forms will be rejected by BCS meaning that the applicant will be required to resubmit their application on a current form.