BHA Fees & Payments to BHA

Fees are collected from players using two separate methods. One group of fees are collected online during the compulsory online registration process that must be completed by/for all players. These represent fees for the parent bodies and an insurance fee.

A second group of fees is collected by the players' Clubs for subsequent payment to BHA. This second group of fees includes a BHA fee, match fees, as well as training and any other Club related fees. Note that match fees include field hire, as well as Umpiring and Technical Official levies.

L O O K ! 2019 BHA Schedule of Fees (PDF - 80KB).
  (Right-click or long tap on the above link to download the PDF)

  • The 2019 BHA Schedule of Fees was passed by the BHA Board of Management 14 January 2019.
  • The fees listed in this schedule represent the fees charged by BHA to the affiliated Clubs for each registered player and associated match fees. These fees and charges are generally only payable through the Clubs. Clubs will add further charge/s to cover their own costs.
  • This schedule does not include the fees charged by Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and for Insurance (Ins). Every player is required to register online, via Sports TG, and to pay these fees online as part of that process.
  • Direct Deposits - Use the following when making payments direct to BHA such as Rep Uniforms (shorts, socks, etc), travel costs and accommodation.
    • Bank: Bank of Queensland
    • Account Name: Brisbane Hockey Association Inc
    • BSB: 124001
    • Account Number: 11196381
    • Comment Field: In this field please enter the invoice number or your name and immediately advise BHA via email or fax of the details of your deposit. If this is not done then it can be extremely difficult to verify individual payments as no other information passed on to BHA by the Bank provides any means of identifying the payee.

Umpire & Technical Payments

Registered Umpires and Technical Personnel who wish to be remunerated for their services are required to be properly registered with the Association - see under Officiating for more details.

Claim Forms are no longer required to be submitted. Umpires and Tech Officials receive payment in accordance with correctly completed match sheets. However, when submitting bank account details for payments this form in PDF / ODT / DOC formats may be found to be useful.

The Statement by a Supplier (Hobby) Form (NAT 3346-08.2015, 145KB PDF) can be accessed and downloaded from the ATO Website as a PDF from this page. It is extremely important that every person claiming payments for Umpiring and/or Technical Officer duties reads the information on this page.