BHA Best & Fairest Medal - 2017

Points are awarded througout the year by the Umpires umpiring the BHL1 matches on a 3-2-1 basis. These points are then tallied at the BHA Office with the totals and final outcome being made available to the BHA Board at Season conclusion. The winner is the player with the most points. In the case of equal points a countback and other criteria are used to determine the winner.

2017 Winner

Congratulations Ian Schulz of Commercial HC

Club Winners

Club Name Points
Bulimba Cale Cramer 17
Commercial Ian Schulz 18
Eastern Suburbs Tim Howard 18
Kedron Wavell Matthew Argent 13
Labrador Jason Wilson 14
Northern Suburbs Carter Chappell 6
PR St Andrews Tom Madden 15
Redcliffe Leagues Nick Budd 8
University of Qld Doug Buckley 13
Valley Tobias Figura 12


Full List of Points Awarded

Club Name Total
Commercial Ian Schulz 18
Easts Tim Howard 18
Bulimba Cale Cramer 17
Commercial Jared Taylor 16
Bulimba Brad Hughes 15
PR St Andrews Tom Madden 15
Labrador Jason Wilson 14
Bulimba Troy Elder 13
Kedron Wavell Matt Argent 13
UQ Doug Buckley 13
Valley Tobias Figura 12
Valley Pat Krusi 12
Commercial Shane Kenny 11
Easts Matt Pembroke 11
Labrador Corey Weyer 11
UQ Andrew Newman 11
PR St Andrews Craig Smith 10
Labrador Adam Imer 10
Commercial Kye Hawgood 9
Easts Kane Posselt 9
PR St Andrews Nathan Case 9
PR St Andrews Josh Mynott 9
Labrador Luke Tyne 9
Valley Alecz Day 9
Easts Scott Boyde 8
Easts Robert Bell 8
Kedron Wavell Adam McClelland 8
Redcliffe Leagues Nick Budd 8
Labrador Joe Reardon 8
UQ Mitch Nicholson 8
UQ Joel Rintala 8
Easts Hugh Pembroke 7
Easts Jacob Webber 7
UQ Ash Hennegan 7
Norths Carter Chappell 6
PR St Andrews Andrew Butturini 6
Redcliffe Leagues Daniel Pritchard 6
Labrador Dylan Wotherspoon 6
PR St Andrews Luke Reddix 5
Labrador Blake Wotherspoon 5
UQ Jake Hathaway 5
Valley Cade Banditt 5
Valley Connor Evans 5
Commercial Paul Nichols 4
Easts Dale Gohdes 4
Kedron Wavell Kula Bhullar 4
Kedron Wavell Manu Weerasighe 4
Redcliffe Leagues Kelly Hullett 4
UQ Josh Bidgood 4
UQ Oliver Crane 4
Bulimba Michael Bates 3
Bulimba Adam Luck 3
Easts Mark Knowles 3
Kedron Wavell Rahul Karri 3
Kedron Wavell Ed Hamill 3
Norths Bailey Hoyland-Meaker 3
Redcliffe Leagues Josh Beale 3
Redcliffe Leagues Ashley Zanetti 3
UQ Aiden Rintala 3
UQ Drew Wenzel 3
Valley Campbell Coghlan 3
Bulimba Matt Pitcher 2
Bulimba Harrison Farrell 2
Commercial Matthew Finn 2
Commercial Jay Pavitt 2
Easts Jarred Brown 2
Easts David Hubbard 2
Norths Michael Boyd 2
Norths Lachie Hardy 2
Norths Sam Morgan 2
Norths Aarom Evans 2
PR St Andrews Nick Bolton 2
PR St Andrews Mark Wilcox 2
Redcliffe Leagues Owen Smith 2
Redcliffe Leagues Shaun Smith 2
Redcliffe Leagues Peter Somers 2
Redcliffe Leagues Tim Ward 2
Labrador Aaron Weiss 2
Labrador Brent Livermore 2
UQ Matthew Rutter 2
UQ Aidan Pye 2
Bulimba Mitch Baker 1
Bulimba Justin Douglas 1
Bulimba Blake Wallis 1
Commercial Tom Brough 1
Commercial Jens Christensen 1
Kedron Wavell Jacob Jennison 1
Kedron Wavell Justin Morris 1
Norths Jack Tucker 1
Norths Tarrack Chappell 1
PR St Andrews Jacob Anderson 1
PR St Andrews Liam Hart 1
PR St Andrews Harry Kettewell 1
PR St Andrews Zac Profke 1
PR St Andrews Zac Day 1
Redcliffe Leagues Damien Budd 1
Redcliffe Leagues Kyle Murphy 1
Redcliffe Leagues Jack Naylor 1
Valley Aaron O’Beirne 1
Valley Alex Hilton 1

For a full account of the BHA B&F scoring system refer to  8.2  BHA Best and Fairest Medal Scoring System section of the BHA Competition Rules and Requirements. (See under Admin =>> Docs & Forms)