BHA Best & Fairest Medal

Points are awarded througout the year by the Umpires umpiring the BHL1 matches on a 3-2-1 basis. These points are then tallied at the BHA Office with the totals and final outcome being made available to the BHA Board at Season conclusion. The winner is the player with the most points. In the case of equal points a countback that includes a number of criteria is used to determine the winner. The rules for this are outlined in the BHA Competition Rules & Requirements.

Season 2020

Season 2020 was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of the BHL1 Competition it was reduced from an eighteen (18) to a fourteen (14) round competition. This reduced the total number of allocated points across the Season from 540 to 420. (number of rounds x matches/round x points/match)

2020 Winner

Congratulations Jared Taylor of Commercial HC who won with a total aggregate of 24 points across the Season.

The 2020 Tally

Points Tally & Club Winners 2020
(Club winners in bold text)
Name Club Points
Jared Taylor 24 Commercial
Max Harding 17 PR St Andrews
Blake Wotherspoon 15 Labrador
Michael Doan 12 Eastern Suburbs
Matt Argent 12 Kedron Wavell
Isaac Layton 11 Bulimba
Scott Boyde 11 Eastern Suburbs
Luke Randall 10 Bulimba
Troy Rossiter 10 Kedron Wavell
Dylan Wotherspoon 10 Labrador
Aidan Campbell 10 Valley
Chris Dick 9 Bulimba
Andrew Butterini 9 PR St Andrews
Josh Blakey 9 Redcliffe Leagues
Shane Kenny 8 Commercial
Liam Hart 8 PR St Andrews
Matt Pembroke 7 Eastern Suburbs
Alex King 7 Northern Suburbs
Adam McClelland 6 Kedron Wavell
Joe Reardon 6 Labrador
Adam Imer 6 Labrador
Will Mathison 6 Labrador
Luke Tyne 6 Labrador
Andrew Newmann 6 University of Qld
Joel Rintala 6 University of Qld
Michael Francis 5 Bulimba
Ian Schultz 5 Commercial
Kye Hawgood 5 Commercial
James Easton 5 Eastern Suburbs
Ethan White 5 Labrador
Roy Tucker 5 Northern Suburbs
Josh Mynott 5 PR St Andrews
James Kruger 5 Valley
Patrick Barnes 5 Valley
Jun Sugio 4 Bulimba
Harrison Farrell 4 Bulimba
Mark Knowles 4 Eastern Suburbs
Lewis Fossey 4 Kedron Wavell
Regan Martin 4 Labrador
Tom Lebsanft 4 Northern Suburbs
Jordan Griffin 4 Northern Suburbs
Matt Petzer 4 Redcliffe Leagues
Ash Hennegan 4 University of Qld
Aidan Rintala 4 University of Qld
Matt Rutter 4 University of Qld
Caleb McCoombes 3 Commercial
Tyler Spry 3 Eastern Suburbs
David Hubbard 3 Eastern Suburbs
Zac McCoombes 3 Eastern Suburbs
Stuart Shepherd 3 Kedron Wavell
Lachlan Hardy 3 Kedron Wavell
Daniel Springfield 3 Kedron Wavell
Aaron Grigg 3 Northern Suburbs
Chandon Smith 3 PR St Andrews
Dan Pritchard 3 Redcliffe Leagues
Caleb Enright 3 Redcliffe Leagues
Sean McDonald 3 University of Qld
Josh Bidgood 3 University of Qld
Matthew Laggeroth 2 Commercial
Hugh Pembroke 2 Eastern Suburbs
Kane Posselt 2 Eastern Suburbs
Arin Doig 2 Eastern Suburbs
Tim Howard 2 Eastern Suburbs
Mackenzie Warne 2 Eastern Suburbs
Jacob Webber 2 Eastern Suburbs
Sam Young 2 Labrador
Luca Brown 2 Labrador
Jack Tucker 2 Northern Suburbs
Luke Reddiex 2 PR St Andrews
Kaleb Christensen 2 University of Qld
Jack Elmer 2 University of Qld
Sven Tiede 2 Valley
Alezc Day 2 Valley
Joel Donald 2 Valley
Callum Fitzpatrick 2 Valley
Nic Smith 1 Bulimba
Louis Hassum 1 Bulimba
Jayden Atkinson 1 Bulimba
Matt Finn 1 Commercial
Paul Comerford 1 Commercial
Kula Bullar 1 Kedron Wavell
Jacob Jennison 1 Kedron Wavell
Brent Livermore 1 Labrador
Jared Campbell 1 Northern Suburbs
Tom Madden 1 PR St Andrews
Shaun Smith 1 PR St Andrews
Trent Goldenstein 1 PR St Andrews
Liam de Young 1 PR St Andrews
Carter Mogg 1 Redcliffe Leagues
Simon Munro 1 Redcliffe Leagues
Tom Smith 1 University of Qld
Ellery Dunn 1 University of Qld

For a full account of the BHA B&F scoring system refer to 7.2  BHA Best and Fairest Medal Scoring System section of the BHA Competition Rules and Requirements. (View this document under Admin & Rules =>> Rules, Requirements & Meetings )