Other Items from the Past

From time to time like any similar organisation BHA has found it appropriate (or necessary) to publish additional information for its members. This has usually coincided with a milestone, special event or visiting teams from overseas. Presented here are scans of some of those publications. Occasionally interesting photos from the past will also surface and it is hoped can also be presented here.



As you would appreciate, the sourcing, sacnning and preparing these documents for publication is both a labour of love and an ongoing process - time permitting! I hope to continue to regularly add publications to this collection. By necessity though, it must be for the most part done in my own time.

Should anyone have a copy of any past item or BHA publication that they think should be presented here, then I would be happy to hear from them. Generally it is not difficult to scan the documents and to share them with all our members via these pages.

Kim Rendell