The Office of the Lord Mayor


Immediate Past President

Todd Fuller

Dushen Salecich

Life Members

Messrs: EJ Coulter (deceased); HS Josiffe (deceased); GW (Terry) Moessinger AM (deceased);
A Hayward (deceased); M Harris (deceased); B Garraway (deceased); S Griffin OAM;
HAE Spice (deceased); RA Marsden; EK Spice; D Hicks; K Leslie (deceased); K Mapp; D Salecich;
Mrs P Hawgood; Mr: N Ludwig; Mr P Saunders (deceased); Mrs J Grant; Mr G Swann; Mr RE Marsden

General Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Kim Rendell

Ronald Marsden

Board of Directors

Adam Barry; Anthony (Tony) Comerford; Todd Fuller; Dale Heremaia; Anthony Kenny; 
Ken McCoombes; Mark McLatchey; Ron Marsden; Russell Marsden; Alison Pritchard; Jacob Toigo

Hon Auditor

Ray Martin (Charles Standford and Associates)

Judiciary Committee

Appeals Committee

The 2019 Committee is:

The 2019 Committee is:

Finance Committee

Grounds Committee


BHA Board as required

Support Staff

Regional Coaching Director (RCD): TBA

Hockey Development Coordinator (HDC): Linda Francis

Accounts Manager: Susan Johnson


(Generally these are updated as appointments are announced)
Seniors:   Christian Bourke, Anthony Kenny, tba
Under 18:   Tom Brough, Ken McCoombes; Geoff Hawgood
Under 15:   tba
Under 13:   Brad Mathers; Craig Cabot; Brett Holland
 Under 11:   David Cullen; Sam Brooks; Gabrielle Hutchins


Brisbane Representative Teams 2019
Managers, Coaches and Officials

(Generally this table is updated after appointments have been announced. Rotate small screen devices to view this table.)
Team Manager Coach Ast Coach Umpire Tech Officer Tour Manager
Super League (Fury) Tony Comerford Bruce Robertson     - -
Open 1 - - - - - -
Open 2 - - - -    
Under 18-1 Laurie Pritchard John Beale - Stephanie Pritchard Alison Pritchard Ken McCoombes
Under 18-2 Ryan Baker Greg Rendell - Hayden Newell    
Under 18-3 n/a - - -    
Under 15-1            
Under 15-2            
Under 15-3            
Under 13-1 Craig Cabot Gavin Hanscombe - Ryan Hughes TBA Linda Francis
Under 13-2 Geoff Donald Sam Brooks - Billy Byrne    
Under 13-3 Alison Nixon Gabrielle Hutchins - Isaac Hausler-Doo    
Under 11-1 tba          
Under 11-2 tba          
Under 11-3 tba          
Under 11-4 tba          
Notes: Not all Teams are formed each year.    
  An Assistant Coach is not necessarily appointed to every Team.