The Office of the Lord Mayor


Immediate Past President

Todd Fuller

Dushen Salecich

Life Members

Messrs: EJ Coulter (deceased); HS Josiffe (deceased); GW (Terry) Moessinger AM (deceased);
A Hayward (deceased); M Harris (deceased); B Garraway (deceased); S Griffin OAM;
HAE Spice (deceased); RA Marsden; EK Spice; D Hicks; K Leslie (deceased); K Mapp; D Salecich;
Mrs P Hawgood; Mr: N Ludwig; Mr P Saunders (deceased); Mrs J Grant; Mr G Swann; Mr RE Marsden

General Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Kim Rendell

Ronald Marsden

Board of Directors

Adam Barry; Anthony (Tony) Comerford; Nicholas Edds; Todd Fuller; Dale Heremaia;
Anthony Kenny; 
Mark McLatchey; Ron Marsden; Russell Marsden; Alison Pritchard; Jacob Toigo

Hon Auditor

Ray Martin (Charles Standford and Associates)

Judiciary Committee

Appeals Committee

The 2018 Committee is:

The 2018 Committee is:

Finance Committee

Grounds Committee


BHA Board as required

Support Staff

Regional Coaching Director (RCD): TBA

Hockey Development Coordinator (HDC): Linda Francis

Accounts Manager: Susan Johnson


(Generally these are updated as appointments are announced)
Seniors:   Christian Bourke, Anthony Kenny, Dushen Salecich
Under 18:   Tom Brough, Ken McCoombes
Under 15:   Ken McCoombes, Geoff Hawgood, Brad Mathers
Under 13:   Sam Brooks, Geoff Hawgood, Brad Mathers
 Under 11:  David Cullen, David Anderson, Sam Brooks, Paul Penny

Brisbane Representative Team Managers and Coaches 2018

(Generally these are updated as appointments are announced)
Super League -  Manager: Tony Comerford; Coach: Bruce Robertson
Open 1 -  not formed
Open 2 -  not formed
Under 18 1 -  Manager: Laurie Pritchard; Coach: John Beale
 Under 18 2 -  Manager: Ryan Baker; Coach: Greg Rendell
 Under 18 3 -  not formed
Under 15 1 -  Manager: Bruce Robertson; Coach: Ken McCoombes
 Under 15 2 -  Manager: Craig Cabot; Coach: Geoff Hawgood
 Under 15 3 -  not formed
Under 13 1 -  Manager: Stacey Cabot; Coach: Gavin Hanscombe
 Under 13 2 -  Manager: Dale Heremaia; Coach: Brett Holland
 Under 13 3 -  Manager: Tim Davies; Coach: Sam Brooks
Under 11 1 -  Manager: David Cullen/Craig Cabot; Coach: David Anderson
 Under 11 2 -  Manager: Selina Harris; Coach: Wade Harris
 Under 11 3 -  Manager: Darren Willersdorf; Coach: Charles Strickland
 Under 11 4 -  Manager: Janine Minnie; Coach: Tony Robertson
Notes:  Not all Teams are formed each year.
 An Assistant Coach is not necessarily appointed to every Team.