The 2020s Cover of BHA Inc Annual Report 2000

Reading through each year's report, and in particular reading the President's and the General Secretary's reports therein, will provide the reader with a summary of the major moments and events of this decade.

BHA Annual Reports are usually circulated in booklet form at the AGM. However, it was decided by the BHA Board this year that a link to a PDF version would be publicised for Clubs and their members to use to view/download/print Reports. 

For the 2020s there are two links:

  • (read) - the first is to a compressed PDF that will download faster and is more suited to reading than being printed;
  • (print) - the second is to a PDF that is not compressed, so it will download slower for most people, however it is more suited for printing.

A minimal number of the BHA Annual Reports are printed and bound.

Kim Rendell



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