The 1980's BHA Inc Annual Report Cover 1980

While for the most part the Reports held by the Association for this decade are in good condition, they have not been preserved in an electronic format. This has necessitated the scanning of the pages of each document either directly into a PDF or in some cases as graphics for subsequent insertion into a document that is in turn converted to PDF. The method depends on the quality of original and affects the quality of the resultant PDF. Generally it is not possible to search for text within PDF's created using either of these methods.


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Some Highlights

  • The 1980 Report contains three cartoons "in colour".
    The Oakbridge Medal (B&F Div 1) and 10 Team Division 1 & 2 competitions were introduced.
  • 1982 was the Association's Golden Jubilee Year.
    Rather unusual for this era the 1982 Report was produced on foolscap sized paper - more difficult to convert!
  • In 1983 Eastern Suburbs won their first Division 1 Premiership.
  • In 1984 Northern Suburbs broke a 15 year drought to win the Division 1 Premiership.
  • In 1986 South West United won their first Division 1 Premiership.


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