The 1930's

The 1930's saw the establishment of the Brisbane Hockey Association which in turn appears to have enjoyed a period of rapid growth. Up until this time, Hockey had been administered throughout Queensland by one organisation, the Queensland Hockey Association. Many local district based associations were formed throughout the State around this time.


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About this Project

In 2000 it was discovered that during the move to the SHC, a number of the Association's historic documentation had apparently been jetisoned during the moving process. In 2001, the then General Secretary of the Association, Kim Rendell, began a side project to create electronic copies of the Association's collection of Annual Reports. These are just about the only documentation available containing reliable records of the past still in existance.

Shortly after the project was begun, Michael Corlett volunteered to assist. He busied himself scanning and reducing the rather fragile 'foolcap' pages to the more modern A4 size. With Michael having scanned his way through to the mid-1950's in that first year, there is still a way to go. This is still an ongoing project, as always, time permitting!

Kim Rendell




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