2017 BHA Annual Report CoverBHA Inc Annual Reports

All incorporated organisations are required by law to publish an Annual Report. Brisbane Hockey Association (Inc) has produced a report every year since its inception, except for a couple of years during WW2. We hope you enjoy browsing through these very important records of our history!

How We Had To Do It

In 2000 I started a project to digitise the entire collection of the Association's Reports from 1932 up to the present. Creating and storing a PDF version of each report was seen as the best solution among several available at the time. This would allow the reports to be more accessed by anyone with an interest or a need to research the past.

Unfortunately the project turned out to involve much more time and effort than what was available to me. Another factor was the limited technology available to me back then. I got started in 2000 and digitised some of the key years quite quickly. In 2001 Michael Corlett offered to come into the office for a few hours once a week to assist with the project. I accepted his offer and he soon set about physically dismantling each report into its individual and fragile foolscap sheets.

Michael then made plain paper A4 copies, one page at a time, which included rescaling from the larger foolscap to the smaller A4 format. He made it as far as the early 1950's - thanks Mick! I would then be able to digitise the A4 copies by scanning them one sheet at a time - a technology limitation at the time. Each page was digitised as a JPEG with some compression. These were then pasted into a wordprocessor document, one digitised page per document page. Finally this document could be converted to a PDF document.

Unfortunately making time for this project has always been difficult. In more recent years, technology has also made some headway, thus making it possible to alter and speed up the the processes involved, though it always remained difficult to make the time available.

The Recent Reports

Reports from 2000 onwards were from the outset produced in digital format and stored according. Even so, they have often required some manipulation to shrink their resultant filesizes to something more acceptable for online viewing and downloading. This has been the case particularly for the later reports containing coloured printing and photos.

All PDF's have been uploaded to Google Drive for storage and safe keeping. Use of services such as Google also saves the Association hosting and bandwidth costs. It also means that the documents are generally more manageable and more accessible to the majority.

Using the main dropdown menu (top), the sidebar or the menu (below), select the decade or year, you wish to view. If you selected a decade, then select a year from the next menu. Reports will generally open in a new window/tab, subject to your browser and/or system settings.

Using Google Drive

When using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) to access these resources, use the control buttons at the top of the document window to:

  • print the document;
  • download the document as a PDF;
  • find more options;
  • zoom in and out.
Note: If the controls are not visible at the top of the page, usually a tap in the middle of a page will cause them to reappear.

Viewing Speed

There are several factors that affect the viewing or rendering speed of PDF documents, with filesize being the most obvious. The process of converting differing types and quality of original documents to PDF has caused us to adopt differing methods in some cases. This has resulted in some quite marked differences in filesizes which in turn affects the download speed.

However, the time it takes for you to be able to view/download each individual PDF document may depend on several other factors in addition to the size of the PDF document file. Amongst these can be the speed of your Internet connection and your device. Wherever possible I have attempted to keep filesizes down to assist. When time has permitted we have been able to reprocess some of the larger ones to smaller filesizes.

Missing and Further Material

Perhaps some of you can assist. We are missing a copy of the 1948 BHA Annual Report. If someone has a copy, we would love to borrow it in order to make a copy both for our records and for this site.

Note: Some files may be too large to view via Google Drive. You can try again or you can download them and view them from your local drive.