Hockey - A game for Life!

BHA Mission Statement

Our Mission is:

  • To provide opportunities for all players, umpires administrators and officials to meet their full potential in the sport of hockey; and
  • To achieve growth in participation in the sport of hockey in Brisbane; and
  • To strengthen and then extend, the base of hockey clubs within our jurisdiction on a sustainable basis.

Core Values

Our Association is built on three core values:

  • Healthy competition on the field; and
  • Active co-operation off the field; and
  • Mutual respect at all times.

Past BHA Websites

Some may find this interesting - but it's not for everyone. BHA was ahead of all other Australian Associations when I began creating sites for both Logan HC and for BHA in the late Nineties. Then in 2000 I was able to launch an official site after I was appointed to the position of BHA General Secretary.

For history's sake, most of these early sites from 2000 were left online. Unfortunately they have had to be removed due to issues with security. However, the following list gives details of how the sites were created and managed over those years for those who may be interested. Links to each have been removed.

  • 2000 - Hand coded externally using 'Claris Homepage v3' and then residing under ''.
  • 2001 - Hand coded and residing under ''.
  • 2002 - Still hand coded and residing under '' as "The Hockey Web". This site featured some of the Flash animations I created at the time. It was the following year that BHA obtained its own domain name of
  • 2003 - Hand coded externally using 'Namo WebEditor'. In recent times the Junior links are no longer working and all of the Fixtures have been removed. Animated buttons were a feature of this site.
  • 2004 - I was still using 'Namo WebEditor'.
  • 2005 - A rather ugly but nevertheless functional hand coded site. Sometimes criticised for being rather slow to render though.
  • 2006 - A much cleaner and snappier site. Introduced a News module (CuteNews) and used text links i.l.o. buttons (images). Still hand coded using Namo WebEditor.
  • 2007 - Originally published online using the 'Website Baker' CMS. However, to preserve it the 2007 content was ported to the 'CMSimple' CMS, with a completely different theme, though the content remained relatively true. 2007 saw the beginning of the use of 'EditGrid' to display Fixtures and Points Tables. The inclusion of Lee Oliver's Match Reports (BHL1) was a notable highlight of 2007.
  • 2008 - This season was also published using Website Baker CMS and featured the exclusive use of 'EditGrid', the online spreadsheet for the listing of Fixtures and Points Tables.
  • 2009 - Published using Website Baker CMS, new template and linking to SportingPulse for the listing of Fixtures and Points Tables. Used a selection of photo strips in header for the first time that display in random order.
  • 2010 - Published using Website Baker CMS with minimal modifications to the 2009 site.
  • 2011 - Published using Website Baker CMS.
  • 2012 - Published using Website Baker CMS.
Several of the older sites were compromised in late 2013 and our domain ( was briefly used to generate email spam. It was decided to remove those old sites as a security precaution. The site has continued to be published using Website Baker CMS with regular backend updates and template changes.
Thank you for taking an interest.
Kim Rendell

More ...

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Annual Reports

Please tap ' Annual Reports ' in the About menu to select a year. Includes links to Reports from 1932 to the present.

Snippets of History

During the mid-2000's a separate Website was created to present selected snippets and items of historic significance with respect to the Brisbane Hockey Association (BHA). BHA has a very rich past. It was hoped that this could be demonstrated and highlighted through this Website.

However, due to security concerns this site has been removed for the present.

For the record though, it was taking some time to fill this site with meaningful content. In effect, the site was always under construction/expansion. People were always encouraged to take a look at it though. Many would be pleasantly surprised at what's gone on before!

With respect to our efforts to present this material from the past, we would be happy for visitors to provide comment and feedback. Is it interesting and informative? Is there something specific that you would like to see? Email the Association Secretary . We hope to bring back the 'Snippets of History' Website in the near future.

Kim Rendell
BHA General Secretary


It is important to note that when preserving the past, much of the material has only been kept as 'hard copy' and this has necessitated the added task of scanning the documents. In addition, often these documents are very fragile and need to be handled with care.

One of the peculiarities of this work is the fact that up until the early Eighties, much of the material was produced on ' foolscap ' (216mm x 343mm) paper. This has meant that an additional conversion step (photocopy reduction) has had to be carried out prior to scanning to bring the size down to A4 (210mm x 297mm). This has resulted in a lengthening of the process making it even more time consuming.

In the case of past Websites, some of the material and resources that were originally linked to when the site was live are no longer available. This however is mostly considered a minor irritation while browsing through these valuable archives.

If you like our our efforts to bring back some of the past history of BHA then let your friends know where to find it!

Division 1 Performance by Club
1985 - 2013

Purely on a whim, I have created a graphical depiction of BHA Division 1 Club/Team performances from 1985 to 2013. This exercise may or may not prove interesting or even useful. However, if the graph is studied for trends, and compared with information available in the Annual Reports relevant to the years of interest, then plausible conclusions may be developed in some cases. Please note that the spreadsheet/graph only shows the positions relative to the final Points Table and does not show the eventual winner of the Finals Series, i.e the Premiers.

These were intended to be printed in colour on A3 paper.

Operating Systems & Software

In 2000 the Operating Systems (OS) in use on the two BHA PCs was MS Windows 98. Soon after three new PCs were purchased and MS Windows XP installed on them. These PCs in turn were replaced in 20??.  Shortly after the hardware had been updated the OS on each was replaced with Linux in the form of Kubuntu, Ubuntu with a KDE desktop.

Here is a list of some of the software applications used since 2000:

  • MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Claris Office (wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation, etc)
  • Star Office --> --> LibreOffice (wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation, etc)
  • Netscape (browser)
  • Mozilla Firefox (browser) and Google Chrome (browser)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Email client)
  • PaintShop Pro (simple image processing)
  • KolourPaint  (simple image processing)
  • Okular (PDF reader & manipulation)