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Masters' Meeting outcomes 
Recently the Brisbane Masters' Hockey Committee held a planning day. There was excellent representation from both BHA (President, Secretary and Board Members) and Masters' players across a variety of Clubs and divisions.
Special thanks to Flight Centre for sponsoring the meeting in their South Brisbane boardroom.
As part of the planning process a survey had previously been sent to Masters' players via the Newsflash database. There was close to 80 responses across a wide range of ages and teams. Thank you to those who responded.
Survey Results (summarised):
• Majority enjoyed their 2017 season.
• Majority were satisfied with the communications from Brisbane Masters.
• Players wanted a range of communication options.
• Majority considered the joining of Divisions 1 & 2 was not successful.
• Majority were satisfied with the divisions and their age restrictions.
• Majority were satisfied with the draw, game times and locations.
• Majority were happy with the age exemption process although comments indicated that too many exemptions were granted.
• Majority were satisfied with the Brisbane teams' selection process.
• Majority were satisfied with the organisation of Grand Final night.
• 66% were interested in participating in a 9’s tournament (Feb 2018).
• Little support for moving the competition to a Wednesday night.
Challenges over the next 5 years included...
• Balancing Div 1 & Div 2
• Costs for players
• Maintaining the flow of players into the Masters' competition and the setting of age limits in Divisions. 
The Planning Day Agenda followed the reporting of the Survey questions. Below is a summary of the meeting's agreed outcomes and plans for 2018.
Divisions for 2018
It was noted that the Committee was unaware (at this stage) how many teams would be registered for 2018. The meeting agreed to have four separate MHL Divisions in 2018 with the number of teams in each Division being determined following advice from Clubs in 2018. This will be subject to final confirmation in February 2018.
➽➽➽There will be NO joining of Div 1 & Div 2. 
Age Restrictions
The meeting agreed that the following age restrictions be applied for the 2018 season:
MHL 1 – No restrictions (must be at least 35 years by 31/12/2018)
MHL 2 – Maximum 3 players under age 40
MHL 3 – Maximum 3 players between 40 and 44, no players under 40.
MHL 4 – Maximum 3 players between 45 and 49, no players under 45. (note change of minimum age to 45)
The meeting agreed that the Committee would not consider any age exemptions in future. Any applications for age exemptions would have to be submitted to BHA for determination and done before season starts. It was noted that the BHA rules applying to players playing in higher divisions would continue to apply.
Representative Hockey
The meeting agreed that the current process for running trials for Brisbane Masters' representative teams would continue.
The Committee agreed to provide names of players nominating for Brisbane teams to selectors as early as possible to allow them to watch them in Club games prior to trials.
Nominations for Players, Selectors, Managers, Coaches, Umpires etc will be done via your Newsflash preferences (which is not yet set up – awaiting HQ ratification of State Championship dates and location). This is one of the reasons all Brisbane Masters' players need to be registered on the Masters' Newsflash database.
Umpire Scholarships
It was agreed that the umpire scholarship program was very successful. The Committee noted the following:
• A nomination form on Committee letterhead should be forwarded to Clubs as soon as possible to enable selection in February.
• The Committee should consider purchasing microphone headsets for the umpires and mentors.
• The need to expand the number of mentors.
• The selected umpires may need transport to get to games (if no driving licence etc).
• The umpires benefit greatly from umpiring at State and National Championships.
• Clubs and their Committees need to continue to actively support the trainee umpires.
Masters' Website presence
The meeting agreed to engage with BHA to improve the Masters' component of the BHA website. This will create a singular point of information for all things to do with Masters' hockey in Brisbane. Direct communication will still be via current systems including Newsflash and Club delegates.
9’s Competition in February 2018
It was agreed that the Committee would investigate the possibility of running a Masters' Nines competition in mid to late February. (Approximately 45 players registered interest in survey). The 9's competition would involve prizemoney.
Masters' Finals Exemptions
It was agreed that any requests for exemptions for the finals would be submitted to BHA for determination. BYEs would not be counted as games. FORFEITS would be counted but the Team must submit team sheets at the time of forfeit. Only "the non-forfeiting team" players can benefit from this rule.
Monday Night Social Hockey 
Last Monday night saw some quality players start the Social Summer Hockey sessions at Easts Tiger Turf fields at Carina.
But we need a few more players ... can you come along? Perhaps you know someone who would like to try hockey as a new hobby. Bring them along.
Official start time is 7:30pm to finish at 9:00pm at Easts' Tiger Turf, Carina. Cost is $10.
As players arrive at the field, they form teams (black shirts v white shirts). There are no short corners. It's an excellent way of staying fit as well as increasing your skills by trying new techniques and tricks or playing new positions under a competitive, but friendly environment.
Bring a plain white shirt, and a plain black shirt. (And a plain red shirt for when numbers increase to 3 teams).
Thursday Arvo hockey 
Each Thursday 3:00-4:30pm at Easts' Tiger Turf, Carina. Cost is $6.
The Thursday arvo format has developed quite a strong following which also places players into a team (black shirts v white shirts) as they arrive at the field. Usually played on a half field (or quarter fields, depending on numbers). There are no short corners, and no hitting. It's an excellent opportunity of staying fit and increasing your push-passing and trapping skills. Drinks on the balcony follow.
Bring a plain white shirt, and a plain black shirt. 
Date claimer – O60s-PLUS at Newcastle 
For the past 4-5 years a number of SE Qld players have been travelling to play in the O60s Alan Richardson Memorial Carnival, held in Newcastle, (and have had a great time!).
In 2018 the carnival is being held on February 23, 24 & 25th.
The Newcastle hockey centre has three top quality fields (the planned clubhouse restructure will not effect the carnival), and is within easy walking distance of the salubrious Wests Club and its associated Executive Inn accommodation where the SEQ contingent stay.
Nomination forms will be published late Nov or early December and the link will be promoted in a Masters' Newsflash.
Anyone over the age of 60 can nominate, and players' age/skill/fitness are evenly spread throughout teams.
An informal dinner at a nearby Bowls Club on the Friday night sees players meeting their fellow team mates. Games are played on the Saturday (3) and Sunday morning (1).
On the Sunday a farewell BBQ lunch (12:30pm-ish) is followed by some "special awards" to players (previous recipients have included a few SEQ players!) before heading off home.
Most SEQ players fly to Newcastle Friday and return Sunday (book early to get the cheap fares), however some make the journey by car (a 9-10 hour drive).
Accommodation at Executive Inn is best booked as a "group members' booking" to get special discounts. More info when nomination forms are available.
The Newcastle carnival is similar to the Qld 60s-PLUS selection carnival (which will be held in Hervey Bay on Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd April, 2018 to select players for the Queensland O60s, O65s, O70s & O75s teams), however, the Newcastle carnival is not used as a selection trial.
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