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Register Online Here With HQ (BHA)

It is a mandatory requirement that all players participating in BHA Competitions are registered online with HQ via SportsTG. Players who are not registered with HQ will not be permitted to take the field in any fixture match in any competition. Should a team play a player who has not registered with HQ then the team will not receive competition points for the match and the Association may consider the imposition of further sanctions or penalties.

First Time Sign-on

<<  Register for 2017 >>

  1. Read the welcome message and instructions;
  2. Click "Registration" (top-left), select your club, then your "Subscription";
  3. Complete the form fields and pay the Hockey Queensland fee online.
All players are to register themselves through the above form. You should then receive a username / password via e-mail within an hour of registering.

Returning Players

<< Register for 2017 >>


Use this link if you were registered in IMG-OST, now known as SportsTG, in 2016.

  1. Read the welcome message and instructions;
  2. Click "Login" (top-right) and then log-in using your existing email address and password from 2016;
  3. If you do not know your username/password or they were not sent to you when you registered, retrieve your log-in details as described below.
  4. Complete/alter the form fields and pay the Hockey Aus/Qld/Ins fee online.

Retrieve Your Log-in Details

<<  Retrieve Details >>


If you have previously registered with SportsTG (IMG OST) and you have forgotten your password then follow the above link. Enter your email address, the one you used when you originally registered, then tap the "Forgotten Your Password?" link. Providing the system can confirm your email address, your password will be emailed to it. Not working? Request assistance here!

Club Administrator Login

<< 2017 Login >>


This link is provided for the convenience of Club administrators to log in to their console.

Why not bookmark it and/or add it to your favourites?
Need help? Try here for the SportsTG MemberDesq FAQ page or here to request online assistance.

Need to know more? View an outline of the registration and payments process here.

The 2017 BHA Schedule of Fees can be found here or under Admin =>> Docs & Forms.

Important !

  1. For an outline of the registration and payments process see this link.
  2. To view the BHA and the SportsTG fee schedules see this link.
  3. The links below are enclosed in angled brackets, eg "<<REGISTER FOR 2017>>", for clarity.
  4. All players, both new and returning, must register on-line and pay their Hockey Queensland fees using a link below!
  5. Players who have already completed a form to register directly with a Club are still required to complete the SportsTG Registration Form.
  6. Unless a player has registered and paid using the SportsTG Registration Form, then that player will not be considered to be a "registered and insured" player.
  7. Wishing to nominate for a Rep Team as a Player, Manager, Coach or Selector? See the links under Rep Programs.
  8. Support - Can't login? Can't retrieve your password? Payment not working?
    Use this link to request assistance or ring (03) 9947 9921.


Representative Teams

Are your looking to nominate for a Brisbane Representative Team? In the Main menu look under " Rep Programs" for the " Rep Nominations" page.