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Hockey Zone on TV

Hockey Zone will be seen on 31 Digital & Aurora TV in 2015. Thursday nights & Sunday afternoons on both networks.
Check the respective TV Guides by clicking on the logos above, or visit the Hockey Zone TV Website.

Hockey Zone TV Website

If you do miss the show on TV you will have another chance to watch the episodes online. Simply visit the Hockey Zone TV Website where you'll find links to YouTube. There you'll be able to select the segment that you want to watch to enjoy at your leisure.

How & When to Watch HZ

Watch this "Howto" video to learn about the ways you can watch your favourite sport, either on TV or on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone. You'll also find out when!

Link: Hockey Zone How & When Video

Watch - Hockey Australia

The "Watch" page on the Hockey Australia Website provides information and details of Hockey events being broadcast on TV such as the Olympics, World Cup, etc. These are often shown on the free to air channels such as the ABC, the Channel 7 network and so on. Hockey Zone is also featured on the HA Watch page.

Computer to TV Howto

If you would like to watch the Hockey Zone you browse to on the Web, on your TV, then follow the link below to see an instructional video.

Link: Computer to TV Video

HDMI Cables

Know your cables! You can pay too much!

HDMI cables come with version numbers and come with several types of plugs. When buying a cable, look for at least Version 1.3 or better. Version 1.4 is the most common at the time of writing, with Version 2 just beginning to make an appearance. Each version increment, in the main, simply increases the speed at which the connection is capable of as well as enabling the use of newer technology and gadgetry (Ethernet, etc), much of it not even present on the devices we are using today such as household computers and TV's. So v1.3 is likely fine, while v1.4 is better, and v2 is probably overkill and costs too much at present. A great place to buy all manner of cables is MSY.

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